Health and the Harmony Evolution

Health can never be attained by attacking the symptoms of your dis-ease or malady (as medicine does) but only by removing the cause(s)

Karma Singh. "The Simple Secrets of Health"


On the pages below you will find real examples of some of the many problems which the Harmony evolution has helped to solve. The list is not exhaustive so don't give up if you don't find what you're looking for, just fill out the free consultation form and we'll get back to you, usually within 24 hours.

Please bear in mind that the dis-eases listed below are merely a "shorthand" description of certain symptoms. They are often (but not always) helpful in identifying what the real problem may be. Empowering your body to naturally remove the causes of the symptoms (and thereby the symptoms themselves) is that which the Harmony Technology achieves. See the DVD from Professor Bruce Lipton "Mind over Genes" obtainable from the Harmony Shop.

Because each human being is totally unique, we cannot generally guarantee that any person will experience any particular benefit within any particular time scale. It may be so , for example, that you think that the painful arthritis in your fingers is your number one priority. Your body, however, may well "decide" to remove the deposits in your coronary artery that you would only have become aware of when you had a heart attack as the highest priority. It is for this reason that there is a six month 100% money back satisfaction guarantee.

Alzheimer's (senile dementia)
Back pain
Constipation (emotional)
Hyperactive (children)
Impotence and Frigidity
Multiple Sclerosis



Multiple Sclerosis:
This is such a complex problem that a separate sub-site is being created for it. If you have enquiries about this please use this online contact form


Some little time ago I watched a television documentary about narcolepsy in which a great deal was said about the various symptoms and how terrible it is that medicine can't help at all and what a dreadful life the sufferers lead. Almost at the end of the programme, one of the medical "experts" mentioned in passing that one of the "side effects" of narcolepsy is that sufferers can't sleep at night. I will refrain from giving my complete reaction to this piece of idiocy – there may be children looking at this site.
These people fall asleep during the day BECAUSE they don't sleep at night. The problem is actually insomnia under another name whereby, instead of looking at the problem itself, the effects of the problem become a separate dis-ease in the minds of the medicos. You will perhaps understand that I am not much enamoured with this type of expensive silliness which leaves the sufferers completely in the lurch whilst enabling incompetents to submit horrendous bills for "services" rendered.
Two Harmony evolutions, as with hepatitis, are required and the problem will disappear quite rapidly, possibly combined with a fever. Photos men. Photos women.


is a chronic cramp in the small of the back caused by frustration and anger stored in the liver. There may well also be problems with the intestines which can also often express themselves as pain in this area. It is, therefore, somewhat a process of trial and error to find the correct position for your Harmony evolution. Begin with the ming-meng point. Photos men. Photos women.If that hasn't achieved anything within 7 days, go to the small of the back. Photos men. Photos women. If no result there, then the liver, which requires two Harmony evolutions, is definitely the right place. Photos men. Photos women.


An inability to let go of the past combined with the consumption of dairy produce and/or pork and beef. Correct the nutrition as in the free download at and apply two Harmony evolutions to the liver. Photos men. Photos women.A third Harmony evolution to be used alternatively upon the ming-meng point Photos men. Photos women.and the fontanel Photos men. Photos also to be recommended.



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