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There are many factors involved here, not the least of which is the confusing fairy tale taught us in school (or not, as the case may be) and heavily promoted by the medico-pharmaceutical fraternity that a pregnancy is possible at almost any time and, especially, between 10 and 14 days after the onset of each period. Stuff and nonsense; a human being is not a clockwork mechanism where the alarm goes off every 28 days. There are many, many more factors involved than merely the simple calculation promoted by the pharmaceutical conglomerate – if you knew the truth, you’d almost certainly never buy any contraceptives; an analysis of the true facts shows that they are (mostly) irrelevant!

On average, there are 5 days per YEAR on which it is possible for a woman to become pregnant. There are many more days than this for a man but it is far from every day. The man who made much of this public in the 1960s was a Czech Doctor by the name of Eugen Jonas. His book, “Cosmobiological Birth Control” should be a standard textbook in every school. Because, however, this would cause considerable loss of revenue to the pharmaceutical conglomerate, the work remains relatively unknown. Dr. Jonas developed his techniques, based upon his studies of ancient “folk wisdom”, initially as a means of contraception requiring neither pharmaceuticals nor mechanical devices to which most of his patients had no access. It works, however, both ways; identifying whether a woman is “pregnable” on any particular day shows, naturally, the corollary. She can know not only her many “safe” days but also the days on which conception IS possible. Let me give you a nice clear example of this – my eldest daughter. For more than 18 months, nothing. Then we came across Dr. Jonas’s book and discovered that I had been away on tour on every one of her mother’s positive days! On the next “positive” day, four months later, we made sure that we were together and Bingo!

I mention this because it is a very wise idea to check this out before investing any cash in anything else. Dr. Jonas’s book is no longer available but, if you google “Cosmobiological Birth Control” you will find many who have carried his work forwards. For some women, it can be possible to have several years with not one “pregnable” day. Incidentally, statistics (so far as available) show that women will often get pregnant on their “pregnable” days even when taking the pill!

And so to other factors: Many women are made temporarily infertile by the consumption of cow dairy produce. This causes such a thickening of the oviducts and womb that either the sperm cannot reach the egg and/or a fertilised egg cannot embed itself in the womb. A detoxification will take about nine months with a special diet. Contact for the UK is, for Australia . The world centre is at Many countries also have their local organisations; simply google “macrobiotics”.

Sugar and heroin it is well known will usually render a woman infertile. Neither of these substances are foodstuffs; they are both naturally occurring pesticides and very, very similar in their chemistry.

Men can be rendered infertile by beef, cow dairy, pork, sugar and heroin (amongst other things).

Both men and women can be rendered infertile by drinking out of plastic containers, especially if the drinks are very acidic such as colas and the like. Both will get a heavy dose of synthetic oestrogen from the plastics.

Assuming that the forgoing pre-conditions have been met, the next thing to look at is chronic weaknesses in the energy structures of both the woman and the man. These can have a multitude of origins from "dead" water producing weak blood to electro smog to geopathic stress to emotional weaknesses to old injuries to cultural and family habits. Experience has shown that the wearing of a Harmony Evolution upon the ming-men point very, very frequently so re-orders these disturbances that a conception quickly begins.

Continuing to wear the Harmony Evolution upon the ming-men throughout the pregnancy is very beneficial for the baby. At birth, the father should lend the mother his Harmony Evolution so that she can have one upon each hip to help a happy birthing.


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