Arthritis, Arteriosclerosis, Fibromyalgia, Gout, Osteoporosis, and Rheumatism



As we have seen in the first article, these are all expressions of the self same cause. When one works to remove the cause your body will then, naturally, remove the symptoms. The course of action is identical in each case.

Now, your body is around 70% water. Your blood is 93% water. What do you know about water quality? Not a lot, I'll bet. You're not alone; it's a very neglected area of human experience and even most people who work or even own drinking water preparation and pipe work also have very little knowledge. Just like me, you probably learned in school that water is H2O and that was it - nobody knew any more.

Water suitable for drinking has many necessary attributes:
a) It must be free of all poisons (a condition which tap and bottled waters almost never fulfill.)

b) It must contain certain essential minerals otherwise it can seriously restrict normal cell metabolism. (This, too, is seldom found in tap and bottled waters)

c) It must have a Ph value of at least 7.4. A Ph value is the measure of the comparative acidity and alkalinity of a liquid. Ph 1 is extremely acidic (sulphuric acid, for example) Ph 14 is extremely alkali (quick lime, for example). Both are very poisonous to humans because they are so very far away from what the human body needs. A healthy human body has a Ph value of 7.1 to 7.2. Good drinking water needs to have a Ph of 7.4 at least as our metabolic processes naturally produce acids and our blood, therefore, needs to be alkaline in order to transport them. With the typical First World diet, drinking water needs to have a Ph of 8.0 to 8.5 and, for healing purposes, such as with cancer, a Ph of 9.5 to 10.0. Some very good bottled water does have a Ph of 7.4. Some tap water does have an acceptable Ph as well. You can test yours with testing sticks that you can get at most chemists.

d) Water is the prime information carrier for the entire planet. It will take up and transport any energy with which it comes into contact - the pressure and turbulance from the pipework, for example. Electrosmog from the cables laid in the same channels as the pipework, geopathic stress from pipework laid without reference to geological structures, even, in some cases, sewage information when waste water pipes are laid too close to fresh water! This leads to a state in which most tap water is, in its informational energy structure, merely 4% water, i.e. 96% unusable to the human body. This is the prime cause of the dis-eases listed above and a lot more besides.

You can download a free handbook on drinking water here.

Water which consists of merely 4% water information is, to all intents and purposes, for the human body, dead! It cannot carry out any of its proper functions in this state. Very specifically, it can transport neither nutrients properly to your cells nor metabolic wastes to your discharge organs.

This is what blood based upon "dead" water will often look like:-

As you can see, the blood cells become clumped due to the "foreign" information which dominates the water in which they exist. Obviously, in this state, these blood cells are not going to be able to get through the fine capillaries to reach your cells. This sort of structure is, further, an indication that the water is also quite acidic and, therefore, unable to transport metabolic wastes because they, also, are acidic. Do you see the problem?

This problem, to varying degree, affects at least one third of all people in the First World! Many millions are, because of this, unable to lead normal or even pain free lives.

It is often possible to completely remove it within weeks!

How? By causing the water that you drink and the water already in your body to release all non-water information.

How and what, exactly, this achieves we shall see in the next article.

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