Arthritis, Arteriosclerosis, Fibromyalgia, Gout, Osteoporosis, and Rheumatism


Very frequently, in our experience, in 95% of all cases, correcting the informational or energy content of your body water is sufficient to completely turn things around.

As we have seen in previous pages, if "bad" information is 96% of the problem, removing it is very likely to be 95% effective in resolving these common health problems.

In the Technology pages, you can read exactly how the Harmony Technology achieves this. The first four pages explain the background to the technology and the last page, "The Dialectricum" shows exactly how the Harmony devices bring so many benefits in so many different areas.

What will happen here is that, by wearing a Harmony Evolution or Harmony Pendant on your thymus gland or lower abdomen, not just your blood but also your cell water will be completely revitalised and will begin to function in the way which it should. You have seen, on the last page, what blood made with "dead" water looks like.

This is what blood made with living water looks like:-

An enormous difference, wouldn't you agree? This blood can and does both carry wastes properly to your kidneys etc for discharge and fully deliver nutrients to all your cells. Further than this, it will also gradually take up the stored metabolic wastes wherever they may be and discharge these also. This is why it is quite common during the first 2 - 3 weeks of using a Harmony Evolution or Harmony Pendant for your urine to be very dark and strong smelling.

So, how long does all this take?

These two photographs (above and on the previous page) are from the same man! It took just eight weeks to so completely revitalise his body water that the imminant death expected for him by the medical professional not only did not happen but his life began completely anew. The changes to the blood begin, of course, straight away but it does take a little time for this revived blood to clear stored metabolic wastes from your body.

Common experience is that most arthritic, gout and rheumatic pain will disappear within the first six weeks. Over the following 18 months to 2 years, because the joints and muscles are being properly cleaned as well as being properly fed, natural regeneration of damaged parts will follow.

With arteriosclerosis, because, of course, not all blood vessles can be cleaned simultaneously, the blood pressure will tend to swing up and down during the first 2 to 4 weeks. After this, however, as your blood vessels become free, your blood pressure will gradually normalise over a period of 4 to 7 months (dependent upon the severity at start). Medication can usually be gradually reduced to zero after the first 2 months.  

The osteoporosis experience is very similar to arthritis (with which it is very commonly combined) but may take a little longer to become pain free and to regenerate.

Fibromyalgia is a very interesting phenomenon. There are, actually, three completely different problems which have all been given the same name and so, sometimes, there will be a dramatic improvement literally during the first night of wearing the Harmony Evolution! There, then, follows some months of daily improvement. Generally, even those completely incapacitated by fibromyalgia will resume a normal working life within four months. You can read Marianne's story here.


The Harmony Technology is so effective that there is an unconditional

money-back satisfaction guarantee! 

The application of the Harmony evolution is so extremely simple that a five year old child can do it correctly at the first attempt. We're not simply boasting here; we've actually tried it with my Godson! Full instructions come with every purchase.

a) Wearing a Harmony Evolution or Harmony Pendant upon the lower abdomen or thymus gland  women          men will revitalize the body's own water (around 70% of body mass is water) and enable it to transport waste products through to ejection through the skin, urinary tract and lungs.

b) "exhausted" water from the tap can be revitalized within seconds and become recognizable and usable to the human body. Simply place a Harmony Evolution under the glass.

The Harmony Evolution will, of course, not only correct both your body water structure it will also cause the correction of almost any other debilitating energy and so bring about an all-round improvement to your life. This is how the name came about; Harmony = Evolution.

When worn upon the fontanel (it need only be for about an hour each day) the inner "pressure" to "perform" for others instead of living your own life will gradually simply disappear.

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