The suggestions and testimonials upon this and all other websites owned by Harmony United Ltd. are a true and accurate description of either typical experiences of users of the Harmony United products or are individual experiences used to demonstrate particular usage(s) of the technology.

Although the fable much propagandised by the pharmaceutical industry that an effect upon one person of a particular procedure or device implies that other people would have the same or similar experience should they also use the device or procedure may be widely believed there is, in fact, no scientific basis for such a claim and wise people will treat such claims as fairy tales. We cannot, therefore, promise or guarantee that anyone will experience any particular benefit through the use of the Harmony United products nor is any such claim made or implied by anything upon these websites.

What we can and DO promise and guarantee is that should you not experience your desired benefit and our team of experts are unable to assist you then, if the product is returned to us in a completely undamaged state, the full purchase price will be refunded to you immediately upon receipt of the returned product. Full details under our terms and conditions here.

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