The Harmony United Technology Products

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The Basic Product

The Harmony Evolution and Harmony Pendant for general usage.

The Harmony Auric

The booster for all other products, except the Mini.

The Harmony Headphone

A special application of the Harmony Technology which increases intelligence and removes self-limiting habits and beliefs.

The Harmony Mini

A much smaller device than the Evolution suitable for mobile 'phones, shoes and sport performance.

The Harmony Super Charger

The central optimiser for cars, vans and machinery (such as generators) of a similar size.

The Home and Office Harmonizer

Neutralising damaging radiations, geological problems (including underground rivers and the like) disharmonic proportions and most other problems in the home and workplace.

The Harmony Omega

The largest of our devices, developed for large installations, medical and other healing practises, personal development at a very deep level and much, much more.
Unfortunately we had to temporarily suspend the production of Harmony Omegas so that they are currently not available.

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