The Home and Office Harmonizer

In 2004 and 2005 we did a great deal of work with problem buildings, sometimes known as “sick buildings” for a very large property company.
Although the bulk of the problems had to do with electro smog, there were also problems due to disharmonic proportions, underground rivers, geological stresses and other sources. Using the predecessor of the Harmony Evolution it was possible to neutralise almost all of these problems.

With commercial buildings it was, of course, very cost effective to make use of the technology in this way. Buildings which had, in some cases, stood empty for years found tenants within days! Our bills, although in the thousands, was a very small proportion of the income gained by the owners of the buildings. With private dwellings and small businesses it is a very different matter. Using the technology in this way is intensive in both time and material and the waiting time before someone could come along with the measuring devices to work out where all the Harmony Technology devices needed to be placed could often be months! 

Expanding the success of the Harmony Super Charger, we experimented with even larger processors to see whether it was possible to instate the natural order in a problem building from one central point. Our endeavours were rewarded with success and in November 2007, the Home and Office Harmonizer joined the Harmony United product team.

The end result that we sought to attain is one in which anyone can install the product within 5 minutes using instruction of no more than half a page in length. Here they are:

The Home and Office Harmonizer is to be installed either:
a) above the middle of the inner side of the main entrance door to the house, flat, shop, office, restaurant or whatever, or
b) upon the middle of the outer side of the door to the electrical fuse box.

The Home and Office Harmonizer does not have to be visible and can be concealed behind wallpaper, clock or ornament. When positioning it above the entrance door, it does have to be exactly in the middle but the height above the door is a free choice. It may well be that, in a restaurant or shop, the Home and Office Harmonizer would be positioned high up, directly under the ceiling so that it cannot be stolen in passing but is only reachable with a ladder.

In a house or flat it is, generally, not possible to quantify the benefits in money terms. Quite apart from the health benefits, which can be considerable, the subjective experience of greater comfort, calmness and clarity transcends mere monetary considerations. Here, one must also take note of the fact that the main activity on your home is your relationships. These, of course, work very much better with ordered information and energy.

Generally, the investment in a Home and Office Harmonizer in a shop or restaurant will pay for itself within a few weeks through increased turnover simply because the premises themselves offer an energetically ordered environment which is pleasant and comfortable for both staff and visitors.

Larger offices and production premises will show very considerable improvements to “the bottom line” through reduced absenteeism and mistakes as well as through improved communication. Premises employing more than 15 people may well need a special consultation when deciding upon which Harmony United Technology products are best suited to their needs. Please make the initial contact by using this form

Very large buildings and buildings with unusual problems, therapy rooms and similar may need the very much more powerful and sophisticated Harmony Omega.


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