The Basic Product

This small device with its ability to process more than 13 million different frequencies simultaneously, comes in two differing forms:

1) The Harmony Evolution in its flexible protective foils which can follow the contours and movements of the human body. 

2) The Harmony Pendant on a transparent disk to be worn as a piece of jewellery.

The present processors are 4th generation, i.e. since Joachim made the first functioning product in 1989, there have been three significant improvements to the Basic Product. The most recent of these took place in November 2007 when the Harmony Chip (2003 - 2007) was replaced with the faster Harmony Evolution.

The foils for the Harmony Evolution also function as an antenna surface for the processor and should never be removed. It is this which made the creation of the Harmony Evolution as a piece of jewellery so very difficult. It actually took from 2005 until 2012 before the problem was finally resolved. A material had to be found which would be rigid and have the same physical size ratios, be in a circular form and yet perform the same antenna function as the flexible oblong foils of the Harmony Evolution. In a small workshop in Saxony, this material was finally found and the production of the Harmony Pendant became possible.

Although the Basic Product is used primarily on the human body as well as with animals, it can also be most helpful in a number of other areas including eliminating electro smog, dramatically improving water quality and reducing maintenance costs in swimming pools, improving hi-fi and p. a. sound quality, reducing wear in machinery by enabling smoother running and a whole host of other functions including keeping your kitchen knives sharp!

For use on the human body, there are no “rules” as such because every human being is totally unique. There are, however, some suggestions for general improvements to your well-being. These are shown here

Both the Harmony Evolution and the Harmony Pendant can also be used to speed up the healing of wounds, both accidental and surgical. The re-ordering of the information flows at the wound causes the trauma information to be ejected thus permitting much more rapid healing. It was this effect which initially brought Karma Singh, the English healer and teacher, to the technology which, in turn, lead to the use of the technology in dealing with so many health issues.

At this point, it must be stressed that the technology is, in no way, shape or form anything even remotely resembling a medical device or procedure. The technology does not and cannot directly influence any specific dis-ease or malady. What it does is, just as high quality food, pure, vital water and pure air, sets one of the pre-conditions for normal healthy function. The technology is no more a medical device than is a vegetarian restaurant offering exclusively organically grown foodstuffs. The Harmony Technology delivers one of the four pre-conditions for health; clean ordered energy flows.


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