Basic Usage

General Applications

There are very many ways in which the Harmony evolution can be used to benefit almost anyone. You will find some of these in the navigation list.

There are, however, no fixed rules and using your Harmony evolutions intuitively or upon fresh or old wounds will almost certainly be beneficial and healing.

As a quick introduction to your new harmonised life you may wish to try the following points:

1) The position for Clarity – the fontanel.   

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The ordering effect of the Harmony evolution technology results in the conflicting energy patterns of conflicting thought structures (the squiggles that one can see on an EEG) disappearing. The reduction in "noise levels" makes it much easier to see what is true and what is false and to make decisions accordingly.

Simply lay the Harmony evolution on the fontanel with the name readable from behind you. Close your eyes. Sit as straight as possible. Lay the left hand in the right both palms upwards. Sit quietly in this position for 10 to 15 minutes twice daily.
Alternatively, when you are occupied with something where head movement is minimal such as driving a car, then you may very well have some very pleasant experiences through having your Harmony evolution upon the fontanel whilst you are doing it.

2) The position for energizing – the thymus gland.

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The thymus gland not only controls the entire immune system, it is also a very important energy point for the entire human system. Exhaustion, chronic tiredness and the effects of electro smog can often be remedied at this position.

3) The position for Vitality - the Solar Plexus.

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Directly behind this point is a very important nerve centre which, dependent upon its' condition, determines how vital we feel.

4) The position for Backbone (in all senses of the word) – the small of the back.

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This is the centre of balance not only anatomically but also emotionally.

5) The position for Wellness - the Ming Meng point.

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Not only can many organic weaknesses, including sometimes impotence and infertility, be alleviated through the correction of this position but life itself will be "easier to digest". The use of the Harmony evolution on this position has also been claimed to have a positive effect upon the bank balance. On this point, however, just as with lottery numbers, we can give no guarantee.

Normally, the Harmony evolution will be worn 24 hours per day. Example .of a Harmony evolution secured with "Leukosilk". 

Removing the Harmony evolution could never cause the advantages which one has already achieved to regress, it would simply delay the achievement of further advantages.

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