Ever wondered why hi-fi manufacturers can't produce something which sounds like the real thing?

To be honest, I hadn't: I just assumed that it was a "Law of Nature" that synthetic reproduction costs a lot in quality. So when I first heard of this I filed it under "Strange & Curious".

In February 2005, I test drove a new car for South German auto manufacturer who wishes to remain nameless to see by how much the model could be qualitatively improved with the Harmony evolutions. The first thing that was noticeable directly after "chipping" the car was so dramatic that even I was astonished!

At that time I was driving in an area with a radio station which plays music from the sixties and early seventies – the music of my youth. I know all these songs intimately, many word for word and listen to them frequently. Suddenly, after fixing a Harmony evolution to the battery, I was hearing sounds that I'd never heard before! Not only this, the quality was so pure that it really sounded as if Mick Jagger was doing a solo for me in my car! I still haven't got over the experience and am gradually going through my entire collection with a "chipped" hi-fi to hear what I'd missed all these years.

What had happened was that the scalar waves in the electricity which were in conflict with the scalar waves in the CD motor which were in conflict with the scalar waves in the music had all been brought into focus so that instead of competing with each other, they carried each other and a subjective, qualitative improvement of about 60% could be heard.

Using just one Harmony evolution, apply it to the power cable to the amplifier at the point of entry.

Should you wish to invest more - and this is really only sensible if you have an extremely high quality stereo system capable of expressing such quality - then upon the power line into each unit and each amplifier will give a few thousand dollars worth of better sound.

Using this on public address systems can be extremely worthwhile.


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