Harmony Auric

The Harmony Auric Story

Although the great German physicist, Burkhard Heim, showed with his Unified Field Theory that there are 12 dimensions (thus confirming the ancient Vedic texts which also describe 12 levels of existence) modern mankind has still done very little with anything other than the first four. There are reports that Russia and parts of the US military are working intensively in other dimension but details have not yet come my way. What is abundantly clear is that they have both “discovered” that the way in lies in expanded human consciousness - just as ancient oriental teachings state. There is a crowd-funded research group in California working on applications of eight dimensional technologies as you can see in this highly entertaining video here:-

The Harmony Technology has, right from its inception, been based upon the border edge of 4 dimensional technology. It operates in the “fuzzy” area between energy and 3 dimensional matter.

Modern quantum physics tells us unequivocally that there is no such thing as fixed matter. Everything which appears solid is in a constant state of flux controlled by information. Constantly, matter is being dissolved into free energy and then being reformed. These processes take place between hundreds and thousands of times per second, determined by the specific frequency “signature” of the material in question. The functional quality of the re-formed material is determined by the purity and accuracy of the information causing the re-formation. As perturbations creep in, the quality deteriorates and, at some point, the material formed becomes dysfunctional and causes the system in which it participates to break down. By removing the perturbations impinging upon the causational information, the Harmony Technology enables optimal function. This is, however, only a small part of its potential: Were the way to be found to extend the effects of the technology into the other dimensions then much more of the potential could be unlocked.

The first such breakthrough is the Harmony Auric.

Following the Russians’ and Americans’ lead, experimentation discovered that applying both Buddhist and ancient Celtic ways of extended consciousness to a specific Harmony Technology device enables it to function five, six and even sometimes seven dimensionally. Here, one is dealing with extremely complex matters of universal flux impossible for normal computers to calculate. Theoretically, quantum computers could do so but, so far, no-one has managed to build one. (Hint: The Harmony Technology could be instrumental in attaining the sought after breakthrough.)

It is this multi-dimensional functioning of the Harmony Auric which has made it not only a stand-alone product for some applications but also a powerful booster for other Harmony United products.

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