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When you seek to define a problem by cataloguing its effects (symptoms) as medicine does, it is very easy to fall into the misconception that the "shorthand" description for a particular set of symptoms is related to a specific cause which only expresses itself in this way. This is exactly what we have here.

All of these problems and quite a list of others are, in fact, all slightly different expressions of one and the same problem. Dependent upon your constitution, your body will express the problem in one or more of these ways.

Whichever way your body does it, what it is trying to cope with is a situation in which your body is unable either to properly carry metabolic wastes from your cells to your discharge organs (kidneys, large intestine etc.) nor yet to properly carry nutrients to your cells.

What then happens is that, in order to reduce the overall levels of toxic metabolic wastes throughout your body, it will concentrate these wastes in specific places, for example, your joints which we then call arthritis.

Arthritis is metabolic wastes stored in your joints.

Arteriosclerosis is metabolic wastes stored in your blood vessels.

Fibromyalgia is metabolic wastes stored in your nerve sheaths.
(Both electro smog and mercury can play significant roles with this problem. The Harmony Technology will deal with the electro smog. To remove the mercury and other toxins, the Clearing Transmissions DVD is essential)

Gout is metabolic wastes stored in your lymph system.

Osteoporosis is metabolic wastes stored in your bones.

Rheumatism is metabolic wastes stored in your muscle fibres.

Throughout we see that it is one and the same problem, i.e. something is preventing the normal discharge of metabolic wastes.

Now, when we say that human metabolic wastes are toxic, we mean that they are toxic to humans. These human wastes are also part of this planet's natural recycling system and should be given into the ground where they are then processed by bacteria and fungi to produce nutrients for the plants which we eat and so around and around. When something stops this, the whole ecosystem has a problem.

The most common source of this problem (or these problems if you look at the symptom "shorthand") is "dead" water. This is what we shall look at in the next article.





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