As Professor Bruce Lipton PhD makes abundantly clear in his books and the video „Mind over Genes“, illness do not occur as a result of contracting a particular germ – almost all of us already have almost all known germs in our body held effortlessly under control until something comes along which so perturbs the natural balance that these germs (whose proper function it is to recycle our bodies when we are done with them) will begin to multiply rapidly in a body which is still occupied.

Below are some extracts from “Avian ‘Flu Reality” http://www.avianflureality.com/ which may help to make matters a little clearer:

Most of us, me too, have been brought up to believe that many illnesses are caused by invading parasites, usually bacteria and viruses. We have been taught that certain types of contact with a person hosting such a bacterium or virus will result in the parasite being transferred to us and ourselves becoming ill in the specified manner. It even sounds reasonable, doesn't it?

Unfortunately, there is not the slightest shred of evidence to support this theory. In point of fact, all available evidence shows that this simply is not true!

To begin, let us first consider the term "epidemic"; what does this actually mean? Well, dependent upon the "rules" of your local health authority, it means that between 1% and 4% of those people coming into contact with a specific "ill-making germ" do, in fact, become ill.

This means that 96% to 99% of those who receive the "dangerous germ" are completely unaffected by it.

This first step blows a rather large hole in the medical theory of infection, doesn't it? I have actually posed the question as to why almost everyone is unaffected to several "doctors of medicine". Most have refused absolutely to offer any sort of answer, claiming that it is beneath their professional dignity to consider such a question. Now, profession or to profess means to teach; are they, therefore, saying that the answer is forbidden knowledge? The odd one or two who do offer an answer do so with a claim for which there is even less supporting evidence; "The large-scale immunity is genetic in origin. We haven't, as yet, found any evidence to support this theory but, as it's the only thing that we can think of, it must be true."

This is science????

In his video, "Mind over Genes", Prof. Bruce Lipton PhD "thickens the plot" even further. Apparently, most of us carry about with us all our lives most of the bacteria and viruses associated with all illnesses but nothing happens until "something" "switches them on". What, exactly, switches them on is becoming daily clearer as more and more research (see both Prof. Lipton's works as well as "The Field" by Lynn McTaggart) shows that the ancient knowledge of healers is, in fact, the true explanation of health and dis-ease and why pharmaceutical medicine is inaccurate, unscientific and (mostly) ineffective.

The information sequence which leads to hepatitis is very old anger passed on from one generation to another and/or anger pre-programmed at conception as held over information from a previous incarnation. Re-ordering this information so that it can be processed and released instead of causing the liver to stagnate and enlarge will, very frequently in our experience, cause the hepatitis causing information to evaporate and the dis-ease to disappear.

Initially, one Harmony Evolution should be worn continuously on the thymus gland for six weeks. At this point, a second Harmony Evolution is required and the two Harmony Evolutions should be attached front and back on the liver as shown in these photo’s. Photos men. Photos women.Initially this may cause a heavy fever; this is the body's way of clearing the liver. Over the following weeks and months a much healthier attitude to dealing with anger will develop.

To go even faster, one should take a third Harmony Evolution to enable usage of the Harmony Headphone for an hour each day and attach the Harmony Evolutions to the front and back of the liver and the thymus gland when not in use in the Harmony Headphone.



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