Back Pain

Although this is a “problem” besetting vast numbers of people it is, in fact, not one problem at all but rather a symptom common to a large number of different problems. One can get some indication of where the actual problem may lie from the sketch and notes lower down in this article. A proper diagnosis, however, needs a minimum of 4 photographs as well as a detailed description of the pain and anything associated with it. A personal consultation is definitely essential to have any certainty of being able to suggest a solution. For some problems, the Harmony Technology is definitely appropriate but, for others, a different course of action will be suggested.

Please use this form for the initial contact and include the following details:-

Your age.

The location(s) of the pain(s) as indicated on the sketch below. Also please state whether it is left or right of the spine or on the spine itself.

Whether the pain is concentrated at a particular time of day and, if so, what time this is.

Whether the pain is related to a particular building or room etc.

Whether the pain either precedes or follows a particular activity.

Anything else that you would like to add.

You will then be sent a special email address to which you can send the necessary photographs. These are:

1)     Full face portrait

2)     Full body frontal

3)     Full body right side

4)     Full body rear

For (1) remove spectacles.

For (2 & 3) as little clothing as is comfortable for you and NO dark colours!! Very important!!

For (4) completely naked.

All in JPEG format with at least 150 dpi.

Just to show you how varied the actual problems causing the back pain can be, here is a list of some of the more common causes:

“Not good enough”
White flour
Displaced vertebra
Displaced skull plate
Inflamed inter-vertebral disc
Inadequate movement
Inflamed intestine
Lack of tenderness
Mineral deficiency
Chronic fear
Displaced or damaged toes

The list goes on, and on, and on..............

Some of these problems are dietary, some mechanical and some informational whereby the Harmony Technology can be extremely effective.

Please click on the sketch to see the large scale version and then use the following notes for guidance. These notes are not intended to be comprehensive, merely an indication of how variable the origins can be. Only with a personal consultation can we determine what your best course of action may be.

a)     I’m not good enough for love.
Inflamed transverse colon.

b)    It’s impossible to do/have what I want.
Liver/gall bladder/intestinal inflammations.

c)     I’m not good enough for a man/woman.

d)    Nobody wants me.
Kidney/small intestine inflammation.

e)     Guilt feelings.
“Cold” fat stored beneath the heart.

f)      Liver.

g)    Gall bladder/kidney.
Feeling unwanted.

h)    Feeling unsupported.
Acute mineral deficiency.
Chronic over-acidity.

i)      Inflamed kidney/kidney stones.
Feeling unwanted/unloved.

j)      Feeling overburdened/not strong enough.
Genital problems.

k)    Feeling unable to do what you want.
Acute mineral deficiency.



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