There are three causes of depression. We will first quickly deal with the two with which the Harmony Technology can offer no help. These are pharmaceutical medicine and the destruction and pollution of essential nutrients (microwave ovens, non-organic farming and deliberate pollution of drinking water, including the use of plastics to bottle water). All of these result both in chronic under nutrition and poisoning of your brains. This makes it very difficult to process and release emotional events resulting in your thoughts going around in destructive circles.

You may download a free introduction to human appropriate nutrition here.

You can get details of how to create good drinking water here (this particular machine is not available in N. American because of voltage differences; similar machines are available there)

And so to how we can help:-

“Natural” depression has two “informational” causes, i.e. indoctrinated beliefs which prevent constructive thought. These are “The Past Determines the Future” and “I am Powerless to Change my Life”. What, then, actually happens is that each time that a thought begins to emerge which could be an expression of a better life for you, the indoctrinated habits suppress it AND THE HAPPINESS AND HOPE WHICH GAVE RISE TO IT!!! The suppression habit denies you the ability to experience happiness. Many of your organs and especially your liver need regular doses of happiness in order to function properly; if they don’t get it, the under function clogs up your blood and your brains.

There are two ways of using the Harmony Technology to “get out from under”:-

Wearing a Harmony Evolution day and night upon your thymus gland or ming-men point will not only help you process jammed up emotional events and release them it will also gradually dissolve the destructive indoctrinations themselves. Significant progress will be made over the first year with the most dramatic improvements taking place over the first two months. The second and third years will see a complete self re-appraisal and your life expanding in many joyous ways.

If you want the high speed version which will do the three years in about four months then you should go for the Harmony Headphone. This is a tool which will directly delete all the self-destructive habits and beliefs that you’ve ever been indoctrinated with.


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