There is an “unwritten rule” in pharmaceutical medicine; when, obviously, zero progress has been made with a particular problem (always one for which pharmaceutical medicine is a completely inappropriate technique) for ten years  then the problem will be quietly removed from the catalogue of known dis-eases and a new one will emerge which (purely co-incidentally, you understand) has exactly the same symptoms as the old “incurable” one. Thus was born the term

Erectile Dysfunction
(ED for short - oops, sorry about the pun)

There is a lot of money being made here, most of it highly unethically for, in telling you how to remove this problem from your life, pharmaceutical medicine could earn not one single penny. So, not only do they not tell you, they even make considerable resources available to make it difficult for you to get access to the real solutions. Further, they “avoid” telling you about the risks of synthetic erection stimulants and how it can lead to permanent impotence, heart attacks and other unpleasant events.

The real problem is about 20% dietary (especially the consumption of beef and cow dairy) and 80% informational or emotional. There is a handbook telling you all about it and showing how to resolve it easily and cheaply available at the 543 Book Shop.

The best tool from the Harmony Collection is the Harmony Headphone. This will rapidly dissolve the emotional barriers and allow, once more, normal function.


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