Hyperactive (children)
also known as ADD and AHDD and similar (oh look, aren’t we clever) meaningless labels.

Here we MUST differentiate between very vivacious children and the hyperactive child. The difference is very plain to see:

The vivacious child’s actions are always well co-ordinated and, usually, aimed at achieving a specific goal.

The hyperactive child’s actions are mostly very uncoordinated and there appears to be no specific goal.

Hyperactivity is simply a massive disturbance in the mother-child relationship both before birth and in the months following. Because there is insufficient contact between mother and child, the baby has no concept from which it can begin to learn “where am I?” The child has no obvious point of focus from which it can begin its journey of self-discovery. The constant search for the point of anchor is that which we have labelled hyperactivity. Whilst still a baby, this can be rapidly overcome by feeding only when there is eye contact; as soon as the baby looks away, stop the feeding and only re-start when the baby holds eye contact with you.

Diet does also play a role here; an extremely yin diet, i.e. typical First World, will make the problem much, much worse. You can download a free introduction to human appropriate nutrition here.

With older children, we have learned that when THE MOTHER wears a Harmony Evolution upon her thymus gland, the contact is immediately strengthened and the children become much calmer. (This will, of course, also help with a baby.) Over a year or more (depending upon the age of the child at start) the hyperactivity can almost completely disappear.  Placing a Harmony Evolution in the child’s bed between the sheet and the mattress (brown diamond uppermost) either under the pillow or where the child’s heart is when laying there will also help the child to find the necessary focus.

In adolescence, the problem can often become much more extreme, often combined with outbreaks of violence. In this phase, co-operation is difficult to achieve and it may well make most sense if the mother wears the Harmony Evolution upon her thymus gland without saying anything about it to the child. Slow improvements are to be expected – patience is required.

As an adult, there are more options available and techniques such as shiatsu have shown themselves to be effective, especially if combined with the wearing of a Harmony Evolution upon the sacrum, ming-men or thymus gland.

The prime reason why the Harmony Evolution is so useful is that hyperactivity is 100% an informational problem. It is information which needs to be re-ordered so as to permit a “normal” mother/child relationship and to enable or to re-instate “normal” development. See the technology pages for a more detailed explanation and the DVD from Dr. Bruce Lipton in the Harmony Shop.


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