Firstly, it is necessary to understand that this is not one specific problem but a number of different problems which have all been, medically speaking, lumped together because of a superficial similarity in their symptoms.

There are five major causes of this problem. With 4 of these the Harmony Technology has shown itself to be very highly effective. With the fifth, we can also offer guidance as to where you can find the solution.

The causes are listed in their order of occurrence, i.e. the most common cause at the top and so on.

1)     Electro smog: When you go to sleep your brain naturally takes on a state of relaxed low activity, sometimes called the “Alpha” state. If, however, your brain is being artificially stimulated, then it can be very difficult for this necessary prelude to sleep to take place.           

Most modern bedrooms are built with a power cable running from one side of your bed to the other to power the bedside lights. Unless corrected, all power cables will give off chaotic scalar and electromagnetic radiations, including those which will stimulate your brain waves and prevent the “Alpha” state. This cable is a mere few inches from your brain and your entire head is within the field of chaotic radiation. There are two Harmony Solutions:
this one and the Home and Office Harmonizer.   

2)     Emotional: Most commonly anger or worrying either one of which will cause your thoughts to go around in circles. The optimal solution here is the Harmony Headphone. When the headphone set is not in use, then one Harmony Evolution is to be worn on the thymus gland and a second upon the ming-men point as shown here Photos men. Photos women.. After about six weeks, the positions (when not using the Harmony Headphone) are thymus gland and front and back of the liver as sown here Photos men. Photos women..

This, of course, as you will have seen from the Harmony Headphone info page, brings enormous benefits to very many aspects of your life and it is normal for the investment to show even a cash profit in a very short time.

3)     On average, about 18% of homes in the First World should never have been built. Either they have proportions inimical to human life or their axis depletes rather than refreshing your energy or they are upon ground not suitable for habitation. This is the average. Some town, such as New Cumberland in W. Virginia, U.S.A. should be completely evacuated; a very large proportion, if not all, of the houses there are not suitable for human habitation!

The solution here is the
Home and Office Harmonizer. Its’ ability to re-order energy which is detrimental to human health and happiness could probably even “rescue” many of the homes in New Cumberland! An investment which, experience shows, brings benefits massively in excess of its’ cost.

4)     Obsession is a phenomenon which we have been carefully taught to believe does not exist; this simply makes it a little more difficult to deal with. Fortunately, the
Home and Office Harmonizer will, normally, remove this sort of disturbance as well by “neutralising” the resonance which made it possible.

The only cause of insomnia with which the Harmony Technology cannot offer any direct assistance is where the cause is chronic mal-nutrition. It is difficult to say how many people have this as the direct cause their sleeping problems: On the one hand, under nutrition is endemic throughout the First World and especially in N. American and New Zealand yet, on the other hand, almost all homes built after 1970 (and many of those before) will have electro smog problems. As both the Harmony Technology and human appropriate nutrition promote both health and wealth, it makes a great deal of sense to invest in both!

You can download a free introductory guide to human appropriate nutrition here.

There is an insomnia handbook and audio file available from the 543 Book Shop here.


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