Asthma - an Introduction

Asthma is a problem which has a very, very long history. Hippocrates himself pondered upon it but, other than dividing it into the two different types which we still have today, was unable to suggest any way of releasing it.

The two "types" (actually two completely different problems and giving them both the same name is very confusing) are the classical "family" problem which is the real asthma and the, much, much rarer, inhalation of fine dust causing breathing difficulties. This latter is completely an external problem for which the only solutions are either to eliminate the source of the fine dust or to filter it out of the air before it is breathed in.

Because real asthma is 100% an emotio-informational problem having no physical cause, it has been classed as one of the "incurables" for more than two thousand years. This status has only begun to change with the daily growing body of knowledge in Quantum Physics and, especially, in Quantum Information Theory. In the articles listed below, we show how this problem is created and how it came to be that we stumbled across a very rapid solution.

What, exactly, is asthma?

What is an asthma attack?

Why cannot medicine offer any solution?

Can asthma be prevented?

The cure that we stumbled upon.




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