What is Asthma?

There are several vague, contradictory and incorrect definitions available at www.wikipedia.org, medical schools and most public libraries. I make no apologies for this statement: It is neither subjective nor malicious but a simple, easily verifiable statement of fact.

The confusion lies in the assumption that it is a physical problem, i.e. a physical reaction to a physical cause. All manner of physical causes have been proposed down the centuries since Hippocrates first noted asthma in around 420 BC. None of the suggested causes fit the bill – there are always a very large number of asthmatics where the proposed cause could not be present and, for each proposed cause, vast number of people who have been subjected to it but have not become asthmatics.

I don’t think that we need go in details into asthma symptoms; if you’re reading this you probably know them very well anyway and they are very clearly catalogued in Wikipedia. The one salient point, however, which does need to be brought out, is just what one thing all asthma sufferers do have in common. (This you will not find in Wikipedia.)

This one thing which does give us a very real clue to exactly what asthma is and how to resolve it is that all sufferers from real asthma have a deep seated belief that there is no room for them in life; that they should, actually, not exist! In my personal experience from the asthmatics who have come into my practise, all were either born as the result of “accidental” pregnancies or have lived a life of serving others (most often spouse and children) and, as they all go their own ways, they feel themselves to be superfluous. The “programming” that they really shouldn’t exist impinges upon them from shortly after conception or becomes their self-judgement upon "retirement".

As we observe asthmatics going through life, we note that whenever they are involved in a situation in which there is any sort of emotional conflict impinging in any way upon the question of to whom that particular space “belongs” then they will become “unable” to use that space, expressing this in the inability to breathe out into that space, i.e. the airways in the lungs will constrict to prevent the out breath because “they shouldn’t be there!” This is the one symptom characteristic of all real asthmatics. The judgement and the feeling that "there is no place which belongs to me" is the emotio-informational cause of real asthma.

Now the usual methods of resolving such conflicts are very problematical with asthmatics simply because the symptom expresses itself exclusively in the inability to breathe out. The ideal technique for resolving such informational/emotional conflicts is rebirthing which works primarily through educating a completely free out breath to start the clearing process going. As soon as an asthmatic starts the clearing process, however, his/her lungs simply seize up.

For years we sought an answer to this conundrum. In 2003, it was handed to us on a golden platter.

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