An Introduction to the Harmony Technology

There is a general assumption in the world today that technological developments happen as the result of careful research based upon a scientific theory, i.e. the scientist knows exactly where he/she wants to get to and diligently sets her/himself to work to get there. A nice picture and it is, in point of fact, occasionally even true! It is, however, for the overwhelming majority of the plethora of devices with which we surround ourselves, quite contrary to reality. Normality is that a device is invented and then someone (sometimes even hundreds of years later) comes along and writes a scientific explanation. This is also true of the Harmony Technology.

In the overwhelming majority of the technological breakthroughs which we daily enjoy, serendipity has played a much, much greater role than has science.

Serendipity is the making of a discovery of enormous value whilst strenuously attempting to do something completely different!

With most such discoveries, they will be in use for some time before a scientific explanation of their function is developed, i.e. first the device and then the science. This is normality. Perhaps the best known such device and easiest to comprehend is the making of fire by rubbing two dry sticks together. Mankind has known for many thousands of years that it works but only for less than 300 years how it works (the scientific explanation of friction). I wonder what the person who made this discovery was actually trying to do – I doubt that we will ever know.

The Harmony Technology is, of course, a serendipitous discovery. It works; this we know. It works so well that, of the many, many thousands of devices that we have sold over the eight years that Harmony United has existed, a mere 456 have been returned under the satisfaction guarantee (as of the 6th of August 2011). We have known empirically from day one that the technology is revolutionary but, as with most things, the scientific explanation of exactly how it achieves its amazing results follows on some years after the discovery.

Over the last three years, Joachim and I have been working on developing the scientific explanation of exactly how the Harmony Technology works. In this we have been greatly assisted by Lynn McTaggart with her book "The Field", Professor Bruce Lipton PhD., faculty of Medicine, University of Wisconsin and many others. None of these people has, to date (so far as we know), seen any Harmony Technology device but it is their published work which is being so very helpful in explaining how the Harmony Technology achieves so much. Professor Lipton's latest DVD can even be purchased from this website.

Over the past few hundred years, much of scientific thinking has been dominated by the Newtonian misconception of a mechanical universe. Only the discovery of Quantum Physics has begun to put an end to this. The Newtonian misconception has also established this belief (with some considerable help from the organized religions and especially the "Christian" church) in the minds of mankind throughout the First World. To begin comprehending the greater part of modern scientific thought, it is necessary to correct the world view from the disproven Newtonian model to one which accords with observed reality.

It would, of course, be senseless to reproduce the many hundreds of pages of proofs here; you can get "The Field" from any good book store and most of Professors Lipton's work can be ordered from his website . It is only the new DVD "Intelligent Cells" which is not yet on general release in the English speaking world but can be purchased directly in our shopping mall.

The Newtonian model of DNA causing consciousness is clearly disproven and it has been clearly shown that it is information from the Quantum Fields which causes DNA to come into existence. More simply and personally stated; you exist not by a random performance of Newtonian mechanics but by an act of your own will!

It is a curious but interesting side note that Quantum Physics is proving that it is the ancient spiritual teachings and wisdom of the healers which are true and not those given by organized religion and the pharmaceutical conglomerate.

Having made this jump from Newtonian Mechanics to Quantum Physics we can begin to comprehend the Harmony Technology.


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