The nuts and bolts of harmony

In the pure knowledge of who you are, the immortal "I AM", everything functions perfectly as it is intended that it should.

Should even one person, however, be out of synch with their knowledge of who they truly are then their actions, their words and their thoughts will begin to generate chaos. If everyone else remains in harmony with their I AM knowledge then no harm will be done and the out of balance one will quickly regain his/her composure through observing the comportment of her/his contemporaries. Where, however, out of misguided pity, others take up the discordant resonance of the "ill" one instead of showing him/her the way back to balance, then chaos will spread exponentially. This is what has been called "The Fall" or "The Expulsion from the Garden of Eden" etc. in most religious texts.

This has been very ably demonstrated by Professor Lipton in "The Biology of Belief" at the cell level whereby, if the information impinging upon your body's cell structures is predominantly or even significantly chaotic then perturbances will be caused in the cell structures and activities resulting in what we call "illness". Just like a computer, if you screw up the programme with junk information (a worm, for example) then it just won't work proper.

The solution is, obviously, a return to a more coherent state in which constantly less chaos is generated. Yet, because we have all been assiduously practicing chaos for so long, it is even generally believed that the I AM state of perfect balance is only available to a chosen few (Jesus, Mohammed, Buddha, Ammaji, etc.)

Interestingly, the work of Professor Lipton in genetic structures and microbiology shows that there is a guiding influence which will naturally engender optimal cell function and that it is only when perturbing influences foreign to the cells are continuously present that cell malfunction (illness) occurs. I would go even further than this and state that the continuous presence of perturbing influences will cause perturbations in thinking, perception and comprehension. This has been skillfully used by many organisations from religions to politicians to banks to giant corporations to manipulate humanity into following their orders. I do not think that anyone would deny that "brain washing" is a real phenomenon but noticing just how common and all-pervasive it is, is a much less common occurrence.

Your body will actually show you when you are believing something contrary to reality by becoming uncomfortable, ill, old, decrepit and malformed. You can download an extract from "The Quantum Mechanics of Thought" entitled "What is your Body Saying" free of charge from this link. Here you can read what thought patterns relate to which areas of your body and which emotions relate to which organs.

It is clear from Professor Lipton's work and that of many others that the solution to dis-ease lies not in attacking the symptom (as medicine does) but in the removal of the perturbing influence(s) which have caused the cell malfunction, i.e. rebalancing the informational energy of the cell so that the return to optimal function becomes the only available option. This is what a healer does.

There is, however, thanks to Dipl. Ing.(FH) Joachim M. Wagner another way which does not require the years of study to become a healer.

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