What is Quantum Ordering

Quantum Ordering

The greater the magnification which one uses in the attempt to discover the causational impulses of matter (the electron stream) the less coherent it is seen to be until one reaches the point where there is nothing other than a "white noise". This is chaos!

You may experience this yourself by tuning your radio to a blank part of the dial. Where there is no dominant signal (a radio transmitter) then the radio just picks up the background radiation and all you hear is a hiss. This hissing radiation is present everywhere but you scarcely notice it when you're tuned in to a radio station. It is this all-pervasive chaos which constantly tears the radio station signal apart. You notice this when you drive away from the radio station transmitter. Sooner or later you will reach the point where the radio station signal is no longer sufficiently coherent to overcome the background chaos and then all you hear is the "white noise" again.

Remaining with the same radio station, we notice that when your car reaches a point almost equidistant from two radio stations using the same or a very similar frequency you can hear neither of them clearly, merely a chaotic jumble of sounds.

Each human being is a very powerful electrical transmitter. Each human being is also an electrical receiver. Some people transmit coherent energy and we experience them as peaceful and open. Some people transmit chaotic energy and we experience them as aggressive and defensive. Each and every human being is constantly transmitting energy and all in the same frequencies! It should, therefore, come as no surprise that information is easily transferred from one human to another. That this constantly happens is borne out by the following examples:-

People in close daily contact will tend to undergo the same detoxification processes at the same time (colds, 'flu, etc.)

Thought habits and perceptions will usually be passed along from one generation to the next.

People with similar thought habits will seek out contact with each other (clubs, churches, bars, etc.) One notices this most intensively working with heroin addicts who, as with many N. American pseudo-christian churches, have virtually no acquaintances outside of their addiction. The only difference is that the one group is addicted to loneliness (the heroin junky) and the other is addicted to fear.

People who are very close (mothers and children, lovers and spiritual masters and their students) will often share the same thoughts.

Scientists working on the same problem in different parts of the world and "unknown" to each other will often make the same discovery at almost the same time. Their focus upon the same theme leads to an informational exchange. Each court decision (and there are many) as to which was the first and, hence, gets the patent is incorrect as the court ruling is not based upon the reality that they all made the discovery as a collective whole.

If large parts of a population can be brought to believe the same thing then it becomes easy to use them to create mob rule and war. The most obvious present example of this is the spreading of the belief that Arab = terrorist. The fact that a handful of people, some of whom also happen to be Arabs, do unpleasant things has nothing to do with the Arab nation as a whole. It would be just like pointing to Al Capone and Charles Manson and saying that these prove that all Americans are bandits and ritual murderers. (In actual fact, neither of them was even born American – they were legal immigrants just as many of the "Arab" terrorists were European and American Caucasians).

So we see that there is an enormous sea of informational energy surrounding each of us at all times and that some parts of this informational field are in direct conflict with other parts. Although, because we are humans, we would tend to take up all of this information, only part of it is useful to us; a large amount is irrelevant to us and some is directly injurious. Add to this other factors to which we are also sensitive (weather, geological structures, the magnetic flux and, often even more intensively, man made radiations – microwave ovens (500 yard radius of destruction) cell 'phones electrical power lines, computers etc., etc., etc. – ) which also give off powerful radiations partially in the same frequency bands as the human body and mind. This is why electro smog causes so many physical and mental health problems.

On the other side of the balance, each cell has a natural resonance with the specific information which "tells" it how to grow and to behave for optimal function. Given the choice, the cell would only take up this information and simply ignore everything else. Because, however, everything is mixed up in a horrible mish-mash of a strudel, the cell has no choice but to take up everything in order to get the information it "needs".

Your cells do need this information constantly – not only do they need the "programme" which tells them how to operate, they also need the "blueprint" which tells them how to replicate themselves. See Professor Bruce Lipton's film "Mind over Genes" (available in the Harmony Shopping Mall) for details of exactly how this works.

Having taken up the useless in order to get the necessary, your cells must now attempt to eject that which they cannot use. To a large extent, this they can do – usually in the form of heat. Sometimes, however, this extraneous information hooks into the cell "operating programme" and begins to perturb the cell function. Even worse, this "bug in the system" now generates a field of resonance with the perturbing influence resulting in even more of it being taken up. This is what makes you ill and unhappy.

If it were possible to so separate the individual parts of the energy field into their constituent components then, through natural resonance, your cells would take up exclusively the information which they need and the large remainder would pass through without effect. This is what the Harmony Technology actually does.

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