The Dialectricum

This is the basis of the Harmony Technology. A dialectricum is a mirror which reflects electrons. A "normal" mirror reflects photons.

What Joachim achieved over more than 20 years research and development is to develop a set of tools for use in different environments but which all have the same attribute of quantum ordering.

If you build into a dialectricum a set of some 768 resonators which are then three dimensionally cross linked you have a device which can process millions of different frequencies and which can create ordering impulses out of almost any degree of chaos. These then "infect" the system within which they are present with order. Exactly how this works is as follows:-

Any electron can enter the mirror at any angle at any time. Because of the highly sophisticated nets of resonators, the electron cannot exit the mirror randomly but only through the specific set of gateways which are open to that frequency. This processing dissolves the unfortunate resonances and "half-links" which an electron may have built up with electrons of a similar type and results in the "cleaned" electron generating a powerful field of coherence which pulls other electrons of the identical type into a pure stream with no perturbing influences. Because the field is then no longer an informational spaghetti but a coherent set of parallel frequencies (expressed simply) the natural resonances of your cells and your being will only attract the electrons and their information which are required for proper function. As the semi resonances and "half-links" no longer occur, no perturbing energy will be pulled into you.

Thus is created the conditions for the optimal function of any system. This is why the Harmony Technology has such a wide spectrum of applications: It is not system specific, as all of mankind's other tools and technologies are; it neither removes nor adds anything to any system.

The Harmony Technology, unlike everything else which mankind has made to date, does not seek to DO anything in the sense of changing any system in any way. What the technology does achieve is to ALLOW any system to express its own optimal function by obviating the present need to take up masses of extraneous and sometimes damaging information in order to get that which is needed for survival.

In use, one can actually apply the technology to either or both the source and the receiver of any informational flows. For example, one can apply an appropriate Harmony Device to a key point in an electrical power system or cell'phone and, because the "half-links" no longer occur, no electro smog is produced. Alternatively, a human being can wear a different Harmony device and eliminate the greater part of any electro smog to which he/she may be subjected. Further than this, "ill-making" and confusing energy will have a greatly reduced resonance with you and its effects may well completely disappear. Within and without buildings, perturbing influences generated by "unfortunate" shapes and alignments can also be completely eliminated.

There are two further, long-term effects of great importance:

A)   As the half-links disappear, perturbing information which has already lodged itself into your cell "operating programme" will no longer be able to replicate and regenerate itself and will gradually evaporate. This is why the use of the Harmony Technology is often experienced as an immediate benefit followed by a longer period of up to 2 years  in which daily micro-improvements occur which are only clearly perceived in retrospect. Sometimes, indeed, there is no obvious immediate benefit and it is the long-term effects which are perceived.

B)    As your whole being system moves away from dependence and the helpless absorption of everything around you, you become more independent and determined and take much greater control over your own life. This causes your life to "work better" and to be more fulfilling, or so it appears; what actually occurs is that, because internal chaos is gradually evaporating, you are simply better able to see where you want to get to and to decide to do so.

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