Mobile 'phones - "new" research results

Some little time ago, eleven years to be exact, the findings of highly significant research into the effects of mobile ‘phone radiation was published by both BMC Genomics and the prestigious “New Scientist”!

Despite the highly alarming findings showing dramatic changes in cell proteins of up to 89%, in the ensuing decade and more, both industry and politics have consistently ignored it.
The results of this pilot study, carried out in Finland, show that much larger studies are essential but, so far, absolutely nothing has been done.
The actual research findings have been published in BMC Genomics and New Scientist.

Both of these reports are more than a little technical and, additionally, the New Scientist report requires membership to access it. Dr. Mercola, an American advocate of health reform (although his “holier than thou” dogmatism makes his publication, at times, misleading) has published a simplified precis of the Finnish report which you can read here:-

We, along with many others, have been saying for years that the problem with mobile and cordless 'phones is NOT the heating of the brain but the disruption of the normal cell function due to the interference with the inter-cellular and intra-cellular communication caused by the wild scalar radiations emitted by such devices.

The human body's internal communication systems, the means by which it co-ordinates all activity and prevents disease expressing itself are propagated via scalar waves. The scalar waves are a part of the electro-magnetic spectrum defined by James Clerk Maxwell in 1861 which has been, for all intents and purposes, ignored for the last century and more.
From the initial 20 equations describing the electro-magnetic fields, a mere eight are taught in engineering schools, the others being dismissed as "too complex to be of use".
Enter "Maxwell's_equations" into for more details.

Almost all electrical and electronic devices produce, as an unintentional side-effect of their construction, large volumes of wild scalar radiation; many in the same frequency as your body's internal communication systems.

The scientists who have published the new research have found definitive evidence of very significant changes to human protein structures after just one hour of exposure to a modern mobile 'phone.

The most important factor determining the volume of wild scalar radiation emitted (and their lethal effects) is the coherent quality of the electricity actually powering the device. This is true of all electrical and electronic devices, not just mobile 'phones.

We say that an electrical flow (or, indeed, any energy flow) is coherent when all, or most, of the electrons are flowing in the same direction upon parallel paths, thus engendering both minimal resistance and minimal electron collision which produces the damaging wild radiations. This is, however, not the state of the electricity used in your home and your battery powered devices. To the contrary, this is virtually exclusively electricity produced in a very crude and wasteful manner which causes it to be extremely chaotic. Up to 28% of the electricity which you purchase is wasted in wild, health damaging radiations. This energy source then forces the device which it is entering to eject the chaotic part of the electricity (which the device cannot use) in the form of wild scalar radiations.

Epigenetics teaches us that all of your body’s cells are intelligent (see “Biology of Belief” from Prof. Bruce Lipton PhD for an easy to understand layman’s introduction to this science).
Each of your cells will react independently to whatever changes impinge upon it from the environment.
To cope with changes, from whatever source, each cell will make a copy of one or more genes in your genetic database. It will then use its intelligence to modify these gene copies to produce new proteins in the attempt to counteract the disruptive changes and to re-create a natural balance.

This system, although it has proven to be highly effective for some millions of years, has obvious limitations especially when confronted with something totally new such as wild radiation and the large scale introduction of heavy metals to your body which dramatically increases your susceptibility to those radiations. (Common sources of heavy metals - mercury, aluminium, cadmium etc. which are all nerve poisons - are amalgam tooth fillings and the so-called “vaccines”. See “Tyrannosaurus Pharmaceuticus R.I.P.” for more on this. The Clearing Transmissions are also extremeley effective in removing these toxins at a very low cost.)

Constant bombardment with such radiation, especially when combined with heavy metal poisoning, can cause the gene copy modification process to become self-poisoning leading to your body switching on one or more “second line of defence” methods such as cancer in order to neutralise the self-poisoning. (see “Cancer? So what?” for much more on this.)

Now, there are a great many products on the market which are aimed at countering the wild radiations though not, so far as I'm aware, in the scalar area. None, however, seeks to deal with the problems itself but merely claim to eliminate some of the effects.

Is it not better to remove the cause of the problem so that these wild radiations are no longer produced? This is our opinion. There is also an interesting and most useful side-effect of doing so:

If the scalar waves which impinge upon you, no matter their source, are chaotic, then they are quite likely to cause problems for you by interfering with or disrupting your natural systems. If, however, the scalar waves are coherent then they will tend to pass this coherence onto your natural systems and, thereby, to improve their efficiency, i.e., it's not about neutralising the effects of electro-smog but about turning it around so that it actually supports your health.

At the moment, there is no way that we can run our world without electricity and electronic devices so the necessary action is to make them life enhancing instead of their present status.

This surmise was, in fact, confirmed in a study carried out by The Institute for Biosensitivity and Bioenergetic Environmental Research in Graz, Austria in March 2007. They found that the majority of test subjects actually showed a definite improvement in their general health condition when using a mobile 'phone equipped with a Harmony Mini.

There are many ways of rendering the electricity you use coherent and vitalising (or, at least, harmless). Fixing a Harmony Evolution upon the main power line into your home will make your home electricity coherent.

Fixing a Harmony Mini onto the battery of your mobile 'phone as close as possible to the + mark will give coherent electricity into your 'phone.

The more modern “smart ‘phones” do not permit easy access to the battery and so you must use one of your “hidden” abilities to find the right spot.
With the ‘phone switched on, pass your hand over the back of it and you will feel a spot where it prickles or feels hotter or something similar. This is where you apply the Harmony Technology device.

Although most older ‘phones will be made much more “user friendly” with the Harmony Mini, many smart ‘phones and especially the Apple i-Phone and the Blackberry have such higher levels of radiations that the Harmony Auric is needed to correct them.

There are also other devices from the Harmony United product range which are very useful in helping you withstand the effects of wild scalar and other radiations:-

Wearing a Harmony Evolution or Harmony Pendant upon your thymus gland will neutralise the greater part of the wild radiation with which you daily come into contact.
This will also have the added benefit of making not only your body's own internal communication and control systems more effective but also revitalising your body's water thus making your blood more effective both in transporting nutrients to all your cells as well as in the removal of metabolic wastes.

The Harmony Super Charger will not only eliminate all the electro smog produced by your car as well as that with which you're bombarded on the road, it will also make all your car's systems function much better giving not only health and safety benefits but also enormous cash benefits as well.

The Home and Office Harmonizer is the ultimate device for ordering all the energy flows within your home bringing not only health benefits but also letting relationships etc. function properly.

The Harmony Omega is the master device having a plethora of functions and abilities which you can see here. Each Omega is individually attuned to the owner.

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