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Mike Hendrickson, Washington State, U.S.A.

You may recall our earlier correspondence preceding my purchase of a Harmony chip for my wife due to my concern with her arthritis. I am very happy to tell you that she has had some great results, not only in her pain and loss of mobility in her hand(s) from the arthritis, but in her back from an old injury exacerbated by degeneration of her spine. Her hand(s) move quite freely now and she reports absolutely no pain at all. This was of great concern to me and I can see that the amount of swelling and stiffness is diminishing daily. In addition to that her back pain is also totally gone and she has not had to use any pain medication at all since beginning use of the chip. 
We were spending between $50.00 and $75.00 a month on other products for her arthritis and back problem that were not helping and compared to the relief experienced from the chip it’s a bargain….you do the math!

Rudi K. Brandenburg, Germany
I have been using a Harmony evolution upon the thymus gland since 18th March 2004. In the initial 14 days I had some liver and kidney pain and I also noticed that both urine and stool were green. After this initial period everything returned to normal. My blood pressure initially rode to 175/121/86 and I took a whole Benalapril (ACE-Hemmer) tablet daily which caused most unpleasant side effects including stomach problems and instability in the knees. After the first 14 days my blood pressure began to fall and my doctor reduced medication by 50%.

Thanks to the Harmony evolution I no longer have either my chronically stiff neck nor back pain. I used to do a lot of sport in order to fight my back problems. Now I do it just for fun.

My doctor reduced the medication by a further 50% and finally last week I stopped taking Benalapril completely. At the moment I take daily ½ a tablet of Lercnidipinhydrochlorid and all side effects have stopped. My blood pressure is now 130-140 to 80-85. A very positive development.

Frau Künzel, Metroplitan Berlin, Germany
wears a Harmony evolution since the Spring of 2004. She reports (Sept '04) that the pain from her osteoporosis has almost completely disappeared. Her Blood pressure has reduced from 220 / 120 to 160-180 / 90-100. Medication has been reduced by 70%.

Sigrid K. Berlin, Germany
had for some years arthrosis in her right hand. She was unable to either open the hand fully or to remove her rings. After only 12 days of wearing the Harmony evolution upon her thymus gland she could both open her hand and remove her rings for the first time in years.

Ingrid U. Berlin, Germany
intuitively wore her Harmony evolution right from the beginning upon her lower abdomen. During the following six weeks, all the hard deposits throughout her body were taken up and discharged. In an organ massage therapy session it was determined that the typical hardening of the body's inner organs which one should expect of a woman over 50 were simply no longer there!

Manfred M. Ludesch, Austria
had arthritis so badly that he daily received morphine for the pain. After the first six weeks it was possible to stop this medication and he reported simply some discomfort in his feet.

Kozma (a large dog), Pennsylvania, U.S.A.
had a hip and hind leg so wasted away through arthritis that the vet wanted to put him down. Instead, his mistress, who had also had her live completely revived by the Harmony technology used it on him and he now walks and runs completely normally.

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