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All the following articles have been written for particular aspects
of the Harmony evolution application and usage.

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The Harmony evolution Story
A short history of the creation of the Harmony evolution


How, exactly, does the Harmony evolution

A detailed explanation of the way in which this wonderful
technology brings constant benefits to your life


The Essential Electro-smog Handbook
What is it exactly and how can the Harmony evolution help?


Secrets and Lies
A short expose of the problems of
and how easily they can be healed.


Making Money your Friend
how the Harmony evolution can help you to
achieve this natural balance


Impotence Cause and Cure
The three causes of male and female impotence
and how they can be quickly overcome.


Fuel Savings in cars and Heating Systems
and other advantages of using the
Harmony evolution therein.


Get Paid to get What You Want
more exercises to achieve natural harmony
with money.


Making Money Your Friend Part II
A few further pointers on getting this together


Self Development/Self Realisation
The first major scientific breakthrough in this area



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