Did you hear what my mother said?

The long and winding way leading to this newsletter began in the autumn of 2004 with a strange event.

Almost simultaneously, from three different women in three different countries, we received emails reporting that, “since I started wearing my Harmony Evolution, my mother has become a reasonable person.”
It seemed obvious at the time what had happened but it took quite a while to prove it to our satisfaction.

The Harmony Technology was developed to return the natural order to all and any systems, whatever they may be. Although it was, initially, developed to make a car run better it quickly showed that its forte was in re-ordering biological systems. This is why there are so many applications in human and animal health. There are, however, applications in hi-fi systems, correcting the sound quality back to the original by removing all distortions. Could this be what is happening here?

In the late Summer of 2005, we did a lot of work in developing the Harmony Headphone set which increases intelligence and natural ability by removing the self-destructive and limiting programming taken up during your early childhood (from conception until 7th birthday).

Could it be that a single Harmony Evolution could so re-order the habitual communication structure between two adults that they, at last, began to understand each other? It would seem that this effect, although seldom reported, is, when we ask around users, very common. Often, it was only when we specifically asked that couples and families realised that their relationships had become much more peaceful and fruitful since at least one of them began wearing a Harmony Evolution or Harmony Pendant. When each of them wore one, then the effect was much more marked.

Logically, therefore, the larger devices designed to bring order to your entire home and/or workplace should demonstrate this effect even more markedly. Experience shows that they do.

In the home, we find that long-term problems just evaporate as their source is neutralised by, for example, the Home and Office Harmonizer. As Prof Bruce Lipton PhD describes in his book “The Honeymoon Effect”, most relationship problems stem from the unconscious habits which form the basis of our lives; the programming which we learned as babies and toddlers. The Home and Office Harmonizer and, much more intensively, the Harmony Omega will also help dissolve these destructive beliefs and habits thus revitalising relationships which have become heavy going.

In a commercial setting such as an office, it is quite common for the devices to pay for themselves within a few weeks in improved inter-personal relationships and customer communication quite apart from the reduction in absenteeism through the elimination of electro smog and other problems.

All in all there’s a wonderful world waiting for those who have the courage to take the opportunity. With the six month right of return, money back satisfaction guarantee and ten year function guarantee, how can you possibly lose other than by not trying?

Blessed be

Karma Singh
Harmony United Ltd
25th Sept 2014


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