is literally the most important thing in your life. Not only would you not survive more than a few days without it but also EVERY body and brain function depends upon adequate water.

So far as know, and I am quite well read in these matters, there is no known life-form upon this Earth which can exist without water.

Without adequate water you can neither think nor …..

Yet almost no attention has been paid to the quality of the water we drink. The most important thing you do each and every day is often just left to the whims and fancies of con-artists selling you, sometime quite poisonous, brews of their own concoction in the guise of drinking water.

You cannot make good water by adding something to it!!!

Water is the main information carrier for life upon this Earth. It's purity is indispensable. If it is made to carry information foreign to it's true nature then it will not be able to function correctly. Piped water, because it is "in-formed" with the pressure and spinning through the pipe work, will, for example, deposit lime etc. into your body instead of taking it up and carrying it to the kidneys.

Water must not only be chemically good but also purely in-formed, i.e. the scalar waves which it radiates must be those of water for else it cannot function as water and almost certainly won't taste like water.

The Harmony evolution orders the in-formation present in the water with the effect that the non-water information which it bears is deleted and it becomes real water in it's effects. Your body can then recognize and merge it's scalar waves with the water scalar waves which is why chipped water usually tastes much better.

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