Water is something which has been very sadly neglected throughout most of mankind's' history. It is something which has always "just been there" (mostly) and very rarely does anyone give any real thought to it. This has lead to very many problems and, in some areas, particularly North America, these problems have now almost reached disaster proportions. For most of the last 100 years people have believed that life is a function of chemistry. More recent research and discoveries have revealed that this is not so. Your digestion and metabolism do not react to the chemical substance of what you eat but to the scalar "signature". Only after your body has identified the "signature" does it begin to release enzymes etc. which digest that which enters your stomach. This is not to say that other substances will not be taken up by the body but these will simply be stored either because they cannot be recognised as nutrition or, as with many substances eaten in First World societies, they are not substances which the human body can metabolate. Only when the body is given the requisite substances which will enable it to process these burdens can it eject them.

There are many ways in which modern society changes the nature of putative foodstuffs which renders them unrecognisable and, therefore, unusable to the human body. Microwaving, for example, so changes the scalar "signature" that the body can no longer identify it and can make no use of it at all. If everything you ate and drank were to be first microwaved for 12 seconds you would be dead within 2 weeks! Experiments with animals have repeatedly shown this. Deep freezing has a very similar effect. It is also why electro smog, especially from mobile phones, can be so deadly. These interfere not only with the recognition of foodstuffs but can also directly influence the metabolism itself.

Microwaves, deep freeze and mobile phones are not the only ways in which we render our foodstuffs useless: Forcing water through a pipe so changes it's scalar information that it is no longer compatible with the human body. Ripe spring water, i.e. water which pushes itself out from the ground has a natural, internal, helix-form, rising spiral movement. It is this movement which causes natural spring water to sparkle. You will, of course, have noticed that piped water does not sparkle! The reason for this is quite simple, the pressure and whirling in the pipe prevents the water's natural internal movement. Pumping water a mere 80 metres (87 ½ yards or 262 feet) through a pipe is sufficient to stop the water's natural internal movement. This is why it no longer sparkles. Because the body cannot recognise water in this condition (the water is, basically, exhausted) the body can neither use it as water nor can the "water" fulfil it's natural function of transporting waste products from the cells to the body's cleansing organs and waste products accumulate.

The human body is around 80% water! Is the premise that exhausted water will cause a lot of problems with your body one which you can conceptualise? I hope so because it is true! I hope that you have recognised from this that it is not sufficient to drink water which is chemically pure because if it doesn't radiate like water, your body cannot use it. This is why it tastes or even smells bad. The very best water that you can get is natural clear spring water which has never been near a plastic container, only glass or earthenware. The second best may well be your domestic "drinking water" from the pipe. So how can this be? I've just explained how it is that this is useless for the human body. Simple, I'm now talking about it AFTER it has been "healed". The harmony chip will, within seconds (about 20 seconds for a 2 litre or 3 pint jug) simply delete the disturbing "information" imposed upon it by the pipework and pressure and the water will once again commence it's natural internal movement and become once again living water. You can taste and often also smell a dramatic change in the quality of the water.

It may well be that, in some cases, the water is so heavily chemically treated (as in Delhi, for example) that it is useful to filter it before "chipping" it. The very best filters made work by the reverse osmosis principle. These can now be obtained for as little as £300.00. This, however, merely gives you chemically pure water; it is not yet "alive" and so cannot be used by your body. "Chipping" the water, i.e. placing a Harmony evolution under the jug will give you very, very good water for drinking and for cooking. If you can only afford either the filter or the Harmony evolution initially, your benefit from the Harmony evolution will be vastly greater. Add the filter (where necessary) later.

The very worst water that you can drink is that which has been stored or bottled in plastic containers. Such "water" is carcinogenic. Not even the Harmony evolution can render this water non-toxic. To make it drinkable one has to first filter it with a reverse osmosis device (cheaper filters will not remove the poisons added by the plastic) and then to "chip" it to remove the deadly plastic "information". Soft fizzy drinks sold in plastic bottles are even more poisonous than "water" sold in the same way. It is not possible to render such soft drinks safe for human consumption.


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