The Human Immune System and the Harmony Technology

It has long been known that use of the Harmony Technology devices can lead to an enormous boost in the effectiveness of your immune system. What we have not done, to date, is to explain exactly how this happens. This deficiency we trust to rectify with this article.

I am especially indebted to Professor Bruce H. Lipton PhD. ( for his assistance in this matter and his writing to me upon this topic which goes a long way to explaining what can weaken the human immune system. That the bulk of these things are precisely those which the Harmony Technology is a master work in rapidly eliminating goes a very long way towards supporting, scientifically, the statement at the top of this page.

You can get the full text of Professor Lipton's writing as part of the download on this website:

Simply expressed, it is a natural function of the human body that when stress hormones are released by the adrenal glands in order to prepare your body for "fight or flee", these self same hormones will suppress your immune system in order to conserve energy. Constant stress, whatever the cause (emotional overload, weak blood, electro smog, almost any sort of system imbalance, etc.) can completely disable your immunity and it is that which allows "disease germs" to take over. In point of fact, recipients of organ transplants are actually injected with large doses of stress hormones precisely because this suppresses the immune system which would, otherwise, seek to destroy and to eliminate the foreign organ. Further evidence of this is provided by the fact that only a very tiny proportion of people coming into contact with a supposed "disease germ" actually become ill in the, medically, prescribed manner. Professor Lipton has shown very convincingly why this phenomenon which conventional medicine always "sweeps under the carpet" is so.

The Harmony Technology, by bringing order into the often extremely chaotic information flows at the level of the electron stream creates the condition in which, through natural resonance, your body systems will cease to take up most stress causing energy. Your organs and systems will then, naturally, move towards optimal function and, themselves, throw off perturbing influences. One of the many benefits of this is that your body will no longer perceive the need to fight or flee and will cease to produce the stress hormones. Your immune and digestive systems will, then, naturally be "switched back on." This will, usually, make you immune to all viral and bacterial "attacks".

A further benefit of using the Harmony devices is that your body water and, hence, your blood becomes rapidly much more vital leading directly to the much more efficient transportation of nutrients to your cells and metabolic wastes from your cells to your kidneys, large intestine etc. for discharge from your body. This effect also further reduces cellular stress thus giving even more energy to your immune system. The transformation in blood quality can easily be seen in these two photos taken under the microscope of blood samples taken from the same man before and after use of the technology. The one on the left is of his blood in such a highly stressed state that it almost didn't function at all! That on the right is what classic, perfect blood looks like.

This transformation will become visible within a few days. You won't feel or see it (unless you have a microscope). What you will notice is that when your friends and family get ill, you don't!

There are three Harmony Technology devices which are suitable for this purpose:

1)     The Harmony Evolution worn anywhere along the middle line of the body; ideally over the thymus gland. You may wish to wear it on your thymus gland overnight and lower down (where it will not be visible) during the day.

2)     The Harmony Headphone set which will, further, also rapidly remove all self-destructive programming and habits from your life, thus eliminating much internally generated stress.           

3)     The Home and Office Harmonizer which creates an ordered energy environment within your home and/or workplace. This effect will be naturally carried over into the body water and systems of anyone in that space. Not only will relationships and businesses function better, those living /working there will have active immune systems.

What more do you need to know?

All Harmony Technology devices are backed by a six month money-back satisfaction guarantee.

All Harmony Technology devices in private use are guaranteed to function for a minimum of ten years. (In commercial use, usually five years).

Anyone purchasing any of the above products throughout June will automatically receive free of charge, Karma Singh's new book, "The Flu Fairy Tale" including the foreword especially written by Professor Lipton.

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Karma Singh
Harmony United Ltd
1. June 2009


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