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You never truly know what you have until you've tried it

This is the story of a man who didn't try for ten years and was then so thrilled by the effects that he invited us to make a film with him.
The video is a little unusual in that he speaks in German with subtitles but Joachim and I answer in English.
Here it is:-


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Life is never the way it “should be” but the result of a pre-programmed disposition.

What ?

Who has dared to “programme” your life like this?


These words sound as though we live the life of a marionette. There is, however, truth in the statement above. It is that which all of us have experienced to some degree or another. You will even find the principle stated clearly in the Hebrew teachings, “Give me the boy ‘till he be seven and I will give you the man.”

During these first few years, the brain of a child can be likened to an empty computer hard drive which will take up all information and experiences to which it is exposed and store them indefinitely. This is how each child learns their first language even though no-one stands there “preaching” grammar to it.

On the DVD “Nature or Nurture” from Professor Bruce Lipton, this process is described in detail. The DVD can be obtained from his website www.brucelipton.com.

It is this ability to take up and to store, to connect and to file away every event which forms the functional basis of the adult life which follows. Each child will also take up the emotional habits, expectations, presumptions and prejudices as well as the cultural beliefs of the parent and/or other person “in loco parentis” and file these away to form part of its own adult life structure.

This isn’t, of course, just about learning what one needs to function in that society in which you have been born it’s also about the restrictions, i.e. what that society believes to be “impossible” or “not allowed”, etc.

Many of these make no sense, change from decade to decade and yet are always held to be “the highest truth” or “the natural order of things”. A classic example of this is the wearing of completely useless clothing which one “needs” in order to go swimming. Appear before a judge in the same clothing, however, and you would be fined for “contempt of court”. Another example is men’s hair: When I was in junior school, a “real” man’s hair could never be longer than a military short cut. A man with hair longer than this was immediately judged to be mentally ill or even homosexual. In the decade before that, women wearing trousers instead of skirts were immediately presumed to be prostitutes.

When the same actions or reactions are constantly repeated, the human brain possesses a very clever function: Instead of, each time, you having to decide how to act or to react, it can “hot wire” the impulse directly into the cell structure by creating a chain of permanently linked cells which then carry out the action/reaction on “autopilot”. This is called in biophysics a “synaptic chain”. More prosaically, once can call them your “habit circuits.” You would probably be amazed to discover just how many thousands (sometimes millions) of your actions each day are determined by habits and are not conscious decisions. A couple of examples which virtually everyone “knows”: A toddler learns, with enormous effort and total concentration, how to walk. Once learned, this is then “programmed” into the brain with a set of synaptic chains and you hardly ever think about it again for the rest of your life. Another; how to raise your tea cup or beer glass without spilling anything: This is also learned and then “hot wired” into your brain. Even the words that you are reading here are permanently programmed into your brain! If I, for example, write the word “potato” you will probably immediately have an inner picture of a potato. If, however, I write the word “Erdapfel” you will probably have no inner picture at all (unless you speak German, in which case you will also “see” a potato). If, however, you don’t know that this is one of the German names for a potato then, instead of an automated reaction which gives you an inner picture of a potato, you will have to think about it. You “autopilot” is unable to make a connection between the word “Erdapfel” and the picture of a potato.

These are what we call our “habit circuits.”

As you have seen in the examples above, many of your habits are extremely useful and serve to free your attention to do something else.

Problems appear, however, when things are programmed into our habits circuits which are not so useful.

Just think for one minute about the vague and irrational generalisations which permeate our cultures, frequently create strife and are often the major cause of many illnesses, including most of the “deadly” ones: “Boys are more important than girls.” “You must always serve others.” “You will never be loved.” “You are not good enough.” “You’ll never learn it.” “You don’t deserve it.” “Women are subservient to men.” “You must work hard to be permitted to live.” “Life is hard.” “You were born that way and you can’t change it.” etc., etc., etc.. Each one of us has hundreds of thousands of such programmes constantly running in our brains. These are the basic assumptions which shape our lives! Even the ever recurring theme “money” is principally controlled by your habit circuits! Perhaps your childhood conditioning comes from a poor family in which the basic assumption which you also have learned is “That’s the way things are and there’s nothing you can do about it.” or “It’s is God’s will that we be poor.” (so why did God create such an abundant world for us then?) or “It is virtuous to be poor.” or even “It is a crime before God to be rich.” Your entire life is determined by a whole mass of conditioned thought and belief and you didn’t even know it!

The problems which you experience are not “outside” you but are merely the external result of your unconscious beliefs and assumptions/presumptions. Your habits create your experiences. This means that you can change your experiences by changing your habit programmes!

There is hope for everyone!

Your Habits can be transformed in a completely natural way!

You just have to know how!

The Harmony Headphone Set

A very effective answer to the “how” question is a fascinating property of the Harmony Evolution which was discovered almost by accident in the Summer of 2005.

This special application of the Harmony Technology owes something to a Christmas celebration in 2004. Joachim decided to put three Harmony Evolutions into a cheap stereo headset to see what would happen and then gave it to Karma as a Christmas present. Seven months later primarily due to the absence of a DSL cable in a tent on the South Downs in Surrey, England at 5 o’clock on a July morning, Karma finally realized what Joachim had made. Thus is modern scientific research often perpetrated.

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You can now download edited extracts from the home training programme which is serialized hier:-

Part 1  71 Kb

Part 2    103 Kb

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

Part 6

Cutting the story short and getting to the nitty gritty, what Joachim had created for the Christmas celebration was a device which intensely focusses the ordering power of the Harmony Technology into the human brain.
So, what does this give us?

Human beings run their lives primarily from habits or learned programs. A most useful ability in itself which frees up the attention to look after interesting new things. Even the fact that you can extract information and communication from the marks which I make on this paper (or computer screen) is all learned habits; millions and millions of them. Each habit is “hot-wired” in the brain through a synaptic chain.
Problems arise from the fact that many of the programs which we learned as small children from our parents, our immediate environment, schools etc. are destructive. Belief systems such as “I’m not good enough”, “I am not wanted”, “nobody loves me”, “God wants me to be poor” and masses of similar rubbish are active in vast numbers within the human brain.
Your entire life is controlled and directed BY this rubbish!!!

The truly beautiful thing, from our point of view, is that the supportive and the destructive habits have antagonistic energy structures.

The useful habits are system resonant; that means that they are in accord with the system structure of a human being. The destructive habits are system dissonant which means that they oppose the proper function of human being systems.

Sounds, perhaps, complicated but what it gives us is the possibility to simply and painlessly delete the destructive habits! You see, in order to function best, the useful, supportive habits need ordered energy. The destructive habits, however, need chaotic energy in order to remain in control. Completely fill your brain with ordered energy and the destructive habits begin to “starve”. Little by little, the synaptic chains which have held those habits in place will break apart and the habit will be completely and permanently deleted. The opposite effect, i.e. strengthening the destructive habits so that the useful ones become masked over can be attained by filling your brain with chaotic energy. The most potent sources of these are food “preservatives”, alcohol, electro smog and American style television.

Following the “Sunrise discovery” of what the Harmony Headphone Set does, Karma spent several weeks intensively studying this effect. He learned that it is possible to focus the effect of the Harmony Headphone Set is specific areas of human life.
Each Harmony Headphone Set comes with a simple home training program with which anyone can learn the basic principles of precise tuning your life. After the initial home training, everyone then proceeds further along the path which they choose for themselves.

You can download an overview of this training programme here: (288 kb)

Practice with the Harmony Headphone set is 30 to 60 minutes daily.

There are two versions, the original with three Harmony Evolutions and the Harmony Headphone partner set which consists of two Harmony Pendants and one Harmony Evolution.

The use of a headphone to hold the three devices in the correct place was chosen as the easiest way to do this. As nothing is being listened to whilst practicing, there is no need for any sound quality, just ear piece cushioning large enough to hold the Harmony Evolution or Harmony Pendant.

When not in use in the headphone, the Harmony Evolutions or Harmony Pendants can be taken out and used elsewhere.

The headphones are very simple to assemble. Photos and instructions come with the training program.

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The Cast Iron Guarantee

Iif, after completing the free training, you are not amazed and delighted with what you have achieved through consistent daily practice and return the Harmony evolutions to us completely undamaged then your payment will be refunded promptly and in full.

For and on behalf of Harmony United Ltd.

Harmonisingly yours



Karma Singh, Managing Director.
October 17, 2019



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