Harmony and Cancer

After pharmaceutical (alopathic) medicine and heart attacks, cancer is the third most common cause of untimely death in humans.

Through many years of practical experience with the Harmony Technology and especially the Harmony Evolution there have been cases reported to me which, to date, have not been explained. This relates to the many people who, against my advice, used the Harmony Evolution as their sole method of dealing with cancer. And their cancers disappeared.

Now, given the structure of cancer, this should not have happened.

You can read more about the structure of cancer in my book "Cancer? So What?" or Dr. Leonard Coldwell’s book “The only Answer to Cancer” .

The point is that without doing most of the things which are usually necessary to successfully cause your body to dissolve cancers, cancers just evaporated over a few weeks.

It was on the morning of April 29th 2014 when I finally realized what had happened.

Perhaps you have heard of Dr. Hamer who has pioneered a new theory regarding the cause of cancer. Although in many ways deficient, Dr. Hamer’s work has lead to a new understanding of human biology especially in regard to Quantum Biophysics. Unfortunately, Dr. Hamer’s rather extreme political polemic has not enhanced the acceptance of his theories.
The main thrust of his argumentation is that many health issues, including many cancers, are triggered by deep-seated traumas. This conforms with Dr. Coldwell’s and my work and that of many other who have worked successfully with cancer. Dr. Hamer’s theory that the trauma is the sole cause of cancer does not, however, hold water. Usually there are many other factors involved, including the chronic malnutrition endemic throughout the First World.

What I did realize at the end of April is that it IS possible for a cancer to be caused solely by a trauma. When this trauma leads to bitterness or hate or almost any other destructive emotion this can, if held for a long time, cause such severe organ malfunction that the body poisons itself. As is clear from the books mentioned above, cancer is an emergency, short-term solution to a chronic toxicity.
You can read which emotions resonate with which organs in this free download.

Having recognized this and knowing that one of the effects of the Harmony Technology is to rapidly process and release long-held destructive patterns it now becomes clear why some people have dissolved their cancers with no other procedure than wearing a Harmony Evolution.

The Harmony Evolution comes in two forms, the classic flexible form which is normally stuck onto your body with surgical tape and the Harmony Pendant designed to be worn as a piece of jewelry.

The most intense and, therefore, fastest application of the technology is the Harmony Headphone Set which you can read all about here.

This said, I really must stress that even I, as, possibly, the world’s leading expert in the use of the Harmony Technology with health issues, would NEVER suggest that this is all that you need to remove cancer. Cancer is a very extreme symptom which is often many years in build-up. It is not possible to do too much to release your cancer but it is very easy to do too little. Other than allopathic medicine and the so called “chemotherapy” which is, in itself, a major cause of cancer and which 92% of doctors have said they would not use on themselves should they develop cancers, the Harmony Technology will be of great benefit in supporting the necessary detoxification.

The most common initial effect of using a Harmony Evolution or Harmony Pendant is that the increased balance and coherence of your physical, emotional and mental systems enables detoxification. Detox process which have been held up for a long time then go automatically into top gear. This is of benefit no matter what your principal health concern is.

Karma Singh
May 25th 2014


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