Whatever nice and loving things you're looking for in your relationships (or even if you're looking for one) the Harmony evolution will get you there faster and help you keep it that way.

It has even cured impotence and infertility!!

The Harmony evolution does this by gently dissolving the fears and unrealistic expectations which cause so much misunderstanding and friction. By also improving the quality of your blood (see "Arthritis") it can also help you to think more clearly.


Even if only one member of the relationship wears a Harmony evolution, improvements will be experienced. Things will of course go much faster if both/all participants in the relationship wear one.

The ideal position is either on the "Heartchakra", i.e. on the middle of the breastbone,

women men

or over the thymus gland 24/7.

women men
It will be extremely helpful if the Harmony evolution also be placed upon the fontanel for 1 hour each day.

women men

There is also a very interesting "side effect" from "chipping" the electric power cables to your home (see electro smog). Experience has shown that this brings a harmonic and peaceful atmosphere into your home. This then has a direct effect upon the quality of your relationships.

So how, exactly, does this happen?

This is the short version.

For a fully detailed answer not requiring a PhD in physics please look under "The Science" page.

You will, of course, be aware that only half of the communication in a relationship takes place verbally. Much takes place "intuitively" or via shared feelings. This is information which you exchange non-verbally. This information is often (usually) colored with fears, habits, expectations from previous relationships and so forth. The information exchanged is, therefore, often mangled and leads to misunderstandings and strife.

The Harmony evolution will delete the "misinformation" not relevant to the present relationship.

The net effect is that all communication will become "clean" and unrealistic fears and expectations will no longer intrude.



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