• Eliminate quarrels.
  • Understand each other much better.
  • Know what you really want and what he/she really wants.
  • Develop unexplored potential.


If you have read the Technology Pages you will have seen that the Harmony evolution functions by optimising the information flow between the physical body and the energy fields which create it. As these energy fields can be 2 metres (7 feet) or more wide it should be no great surprise that information is also exchanged between the energy fields of people in close physical contact, especially if this is long-term and/or frequent. This is, incidentally, why couples and parents/children often seem to be "telepathic" with each other.

In a relationship, each partner gives information to and receives information from the other party(ies). Sometimes this information is destructive and tends to create a similar response in the recipient. This is how marital strife is created. The Harmony evolution, however, will take this destructive information and, because it is in conflict with the basic purpose and intention of the system (the relationship), will refine it to eliminate the destructive impulses and, thereby, allow the relationship to express it's optimal function. As destructive impulses are, therefore, not returned with other destructive impulses but rather with peaceful ones, a state of harmony can be retained and daily intensified.

This effect will be achieved even if only one participant in the relationship wears a Harmony evolution. The clearing process will, of course, be very much quicker and deeper if all partners participate.

The ideal position is either on the "Heartchakra", i.e. on the middle of the breastbone,

women men

or over the thymus gland for 24 hours each and every day .

women men
It will be extremely helpful if the Harmony evolution also be placed upon the fontanel for 1 hour each day.

women men

There is also a very interesting "side effect" from "chipping" the electric power cables to your home (see electro smog). Experience has shown that this brings a harmonious and peaceful atmosphere into your home. This then has a direct effect upon the quality of your relationships.

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