Asthma - a Solution

The discovery of how amazingly effective the Harmony Technology is with asthma came right at the very start for us.

Back in October 2003, Marita from Brandenburg in Germany, purchased her first Harmony Chip (superseded by the much more powerful Harmony Evolution in November 2007). Being undecided where she would first use it, she put it into her brassiere for safe keeping. Each morning, she put it into her bra' in the morning hectic with the intention of deciding where she would use it later in the day. It was only when it fell out whilst undressing each evening that she realised that she had completely forgotten about it. This actually went on for some weeks until she received a most worried telephone call from her doctor's surgery wanting to know if she had been hospitalised in an emergency as her asthma medicine had certainly run out at least ten days ago and she had not picked up her new prescription. It was only then that Marita realised that, since putting the Harmony Chip into her bra' each day, she had taken no asthma medication at all!

Before we go further, I must point out that there are two completely different problems which have both been given the same name of asthma!! The Harmony Technology has, to date, shown itself to be 100% effective with the more common one but can be of little help with the other.

Breathing difficulties due to fine dust in the air choking the lungs is a problem requiring mechanical filtering of the air. About 10% to 15% of asthma "diagnoses" concern fine dust. Whilst the Harmony Technology may well increase your ability to tolerate this, it could never filter the dust out of the air.

Real asthma (85% to 90% of cases) is 100% an informational problem; exactly what the Harmony Technology does best. In my personal experience, almost all real asthma sufferers are either born as the result of an "unwanted" or "unplanned" pregnancy or feel themselves to have become superfluous. Each feels that there is no space which belongs to them, i.e. no space into which they can breathe out! At times of stress, especially involving other family members, this emotional overload can cramp the lungs so tightly that breathing becomes virtually impossible. This is the classic symptom which medicine seeks to temporarily suppress by adding chemicals which relax the lungs (but gradually destroy the entire body). The solution, obviously, is not to synthetically force a relaxation but to remove that which is causing the lungs to cramp.

Because there is no chemical or mechanical process involved, you will see a very rapid reaction after applying a Harmony Evolution: It is common for an asthma attack to be over within 25 seconds of placing a Harmony Evolution almost anywhere on the upper chest!

Experience shows further that wearing a Harmony Evolution 24/7 upon the upper chest will completely remove the asthma "habit" over 4 to 7 months (dependent upon severity at start). This, of course, has a lot of very pleasant “side effects”.

The reason that it is so effective is that the “asthma information” (see the technology pages and the Bruce Lipton DVD in the Harmony Shopping Mall for a fuller description of this) has no natural or useful resonance with anything in your body at all and, because it has no physical component, it can be filtered out within seconds once the correcting impulse is present.

It is this necessary correction that the Harmony Evolution brings about.

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