Why can't Medicine help?

Modern (allopathic) medicine is not in any way shape or form about healing: It is about suppressing symptoms in order to buy time for healing! If that healing is, then, not delivered, the symptoms will require continuous suppression in order to permit some sort of normal life.

Medicine concerns itself exclusively with the physical body and denies the very existence of the concept that bodily problems can have informational causes. Clearly, where the real problem is skewed informational structures, mere chemicals can have no effect. This is all that medicine is about and all that it can do. You can read an abridged history from its inception as the Roman military first aid corps through the 15th century political pact with the Vatican to the present day in this free download article.

It is important to make the above clear so that we can see precisely what medicine can offer and why it can never resolve the problem of asthma.

Asthma has the physical symptom that the necks of the alveoli in the lungs contract and stop the air being exhaled. Note; this is the symptom and NOT the problem itself. Only by making and accepting this clear distinction can we begin to resolve the true problem. To resolve the asthma problem, we must remove the CAUSE.

Whilst medicine can suppress the symptoms by adding a chemical which partially paralyses the lungs and, thereby, prevents or reduces the alveoli cramps, it is a life-long first aid treatment which, in the long term, will destroy the body.

In these pages we have expressed the hypothesis that the cause of asthma is the introduction of the self-destructive information "I should not really exist!" into the control systems for the lungs of particular human beings,

Can we remove this information and, if so, what is the effect?

The answers are,

a) with quantum ordering we can remove this perturbing information and

b) the principal effect is that the asthma disappears. Other "side effects" are that the former asthma sufferer becomes considerably happier, generally healthier and more effective in her/his life.

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