How to make a winning Team

It’s very simple really; you just put Harmony Aurics in their shoes!

Alas, the German national football team failed to take cognisance of this opportunity and, for the first time in many decades, they failed to get anywhere; they actually fell out in the first round (or maybe it was the second - I don’t follow such things and only noticed that the tournament was happening when it became difficult to find a restaurant without a giant television bombarding me with a cacophony of banality.)
Actually, whilst learning German in school in the early 1960’s, our German teacher regularly informed us that the Germans can’t play football because the grass which grows there isn’t strong enough to play on.

We note, however, that the English team is still in the tournament. We stand prepared to make an emergency delivery should Theresa May decide that this is the one thing she needs to prove the superiority of the Brexit decision.

Still, it is some years now since a rugby team in New Zealand leaped many places upwards in the league table through the simple expedient of placing Harmony Minis in their shoes. Doing this brings many benefits; not merely to sporting fixtures but to anyone who cares to do it:

The first thing that happens is that your balance improves. This, in turn, improves your left-right co-ordination. This is not something that makes you gasp in amazement like suddenly feeling six inches taller but you will notice that walking long distances is much less tiring, that if you stand for long periods your feet don’t hurt or if you carry heavy loads across rough ground it becomes much easier.

Although, normally, too small and simple to bring much benefit to the human body (the Harmony Evolution or Harmony Pendant are those designed for this task) one Mini or Auric in each of your shoes can bring great benefits purely from balancing your body from the ground upwards. So what are the benefits?

Walking, running, climbing, in fact any sport or just going for a normal stroll: Because you’re much more balanced, any physical activity requires less energy and you can, therefore, achieve more. If, for example, you can walk one mile and then need to sit down, you will find that you can suddenly do three miles. Does your job require you to stand for long periods such as working in a shop? Then you will find that your feet are no longer painful at the end of the day. This was, actually, what the doctor who discovered this was trying to achieve; he has to walk several kilometres every day from patient to patient and then stand for long periods. With the Harmony Minis in his shoes, he no longer had to sit with his feet up at the end of the day but could go for a walk and then tend his garden.
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Post(wo)men will find that they are much less tired at the end of the day and that their feet are much happier.

Runners - especially long-distance - cyclists and, in fact, any athlete will achieve enhanced performance. This is not only totally legal but will even enhance your health! You’re not adding any performance-boosting chemicals which, long-term, destroy you; the increase in performance is perfectly natural and could also be achieved by the daily practice of Hatha Yoga, Chi Quong, Tai Chi or Kung Fu - it’s just a question of which method you want to use.

Do you work on a farm, on a building site or go rambling on rough ground? Then Minis or Aurics in your boots will make these much less strenuous and reduce injuries: In point of fact, the reduction in injuries can be so significant that it would pay employers to have them installed in all workers’ boots and show a profit on the investment!

And soldiers? Of course; there is no physical activity which cannot be enhanced by the Harmony Technology.

Exactly where to put them in your shoes depends upon what you intend to do:->

Running, long-distance walking, e.g. post(wo)man, and most sports where something is thrown or hit (except golf) and rock climbing.
Just behind the ball of the foot, between the big toe and the next one is a soft area. The Harmony Minis or Aurics should be fixed into each shoe to lie under this point.


If you stand for long periods or walk on level floors or pavements or play golf then the Minis or Aurics should lie under the middle of the heel.

For strenuous activities on rough ground, especially building sites, the Minis or Aurics should be fixed to lie under the inner side of the instep; always on the sole of the shoe, never on the side.


With team sports, not only will the performance of the individual player be enhanced but the team itself will become better co-ordinated and more coherent. This happens because each team will, due to constant practice together, create their own particular morpho-genetic field. The Harmony devices in their shoes/boots will naturally enhance the informational flows in this field. See the work of Dr. Rupert Sheldrake PhD. for details of morpho-genetic fields.

How do you fix them into your footwear?
This depends somewhat upon your life style. Do you, mostly, wear the same shoes every day or do you often change them? The Harmony Minis and the Aurics are self-adhesive and you can fix them inside your shoes semi-permanently. If you frequently change your shoes or have both everyday and running shoes then do not remove the backing from the adhesive area and, instead, fix the Harmony devices into your shoes or boots with sellotape (Am: Scotch tape) as this will let you change them over as you change your footwear.

N.B. Always on the inside of the shoe sole, where your foot is: Never on the outside!

Happy being!

Karma, Joachim and then entire Harmony Team

30th June 2018


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