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Harmony Technology

Introducing the Harmony Auric

Although the Harmony Technology itself represents a “first of its kind” and, even after nearly 14 years in the public domain, no-one has, as yet, repeated the success to compete with us, we haven’t stopped there.

Beginning in the Autumn of last year (2016) we have been following indications of a completely new way of expanding the power and effectiveness of the Harmony Technology. This means a lot to us and can mean a lot to you.

It means that we can now clean up even an iPhone from all of the damaging radiations which it emits - a great relief for all parents (and every user) we are sure.
Not only this, it means that even the larger of the Harmony Technology devices - the Home and Office Harmonizer and the Harmony Super Charger - can be “upgraded” and work for you in a much more powerful and precise way. Even a Mk.I Omega can be upgraded almost to the power of an Omega II. What’s more, you don’t even have to buy a new Harmonizer, Super Charger or Omega, you just take this new product and stick it onto the old one (they are self-adhesive). What happens with an Omega II still remains to be tested.

It could mean that having one of these in or on your mobile (cell) ‘phone may well (at least partially) neutralise HAARP radiations for you.

Over the next few weeks we will be experimenting with building them into various types of head gear which may improve cognitive and other functions.

Many other benefits are possible, some may even sound a little strange, but until we have tested and proved these ourselves, we will remain silent about them.

Order the new Harmony Auric here now:


For readers with a technical bent, details of the new technology are here:


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