Doctor finds new application for Harmony Minis: Relief for thousands

Dateline Munich 6th September 2006 - Updated 7th June 2008

Dr. A. of Munich, Germany revealed last night the results of his latest tests.

By placing one Harmony Mini in each shoe, just where the middle of the heel comes, he found that the usual sore feet from constantly walking up and down from patient to patient no longer occurs!

He further reported that the "cold feet" phenomenon so well known to many also disappears.

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we've had so many questions about this that we've had to add a special FAQ just for this page:

Q: Why are the Harmony Minis "face down". I thought that the side with the Harmony evolution in it always had to be to the skin?

A: It is only the standard Harmony evolutions where this "rule" applies. The Harmony Minis are much simpler and, therefore, non-directional. The Harmony Super Charger is even more sophisticated and omni-directional. As the Harmony Minis are manufactured self-adhesive, it makes sense to stick them to your shoes rather than to your socks.

Q: Do I, then, need two Harmony Minis for every pair of shoes?

A: No. Some people (me, for example) wear the same pair of shoes most all the time. For us, permanently sticking the Harmony Minis into the soles is a reasonable option. Some people (Eva in our Munich office, for example) have lots and lots of shoes. Instead of peeling off the backing to use the self-adhesive function, leave it on and simply fix the Harmony Minis into your shoes with a piece of Scotch Tape, Sellotape (or whatever it is called in your country). This lets you move the Harmony Minis from shoe to shoe.

Q: Would wearing two Harmony Minis in your shoes have any effect upon sport performance?

A: Definitely. Dr. A. has already noticed this.
A rugby club in New Zealand has already purchased Harmony Minis for the entire team. You can read the entire story on the Harmony blog. Scroll down to the item 8th November 2006 . "Hot footing it".

A.2: A german marathon runner has recently (March 2008) reported very considerable improvements to her performance. Bacause the nature of this type of sport places the main load on the ball of the foot whereas most normal activity places the main load on the heel, it is more appropriate for running and jumping to stick the Harmony Minis into the sole of the shoe further forwards under the ball of the foot.

Q: Would there be any benefit to putting Harmony Minis in my driving shoes?

A: Our experience to date is, yes. The stiffness in the ankle and thigh from holding a constant position on the accelerator seems to be much reduced.

Q: My job (I am a postman) calls for me to walk miles every day. Would the Harmony Minis in the shoes help me on "bad" days?

A: Those who have tried, report being able to walk greater than normal distances with no discomfort whatsoever.

Q: I have problems walking anyway due to stiffness in my back and knees. Would this help me?

A: Very likely but, to date, no-one has tried it. You may do so under the six months satisfaction guarantee if you will.

Q: Are these the normal Harmony evolutions - why do they look different?

A: No, they are the special Harmony Minis developed to eliminate all electro smog from mobile and cordless 'phones. (click this link for details) This is an unexpected benefit which one of the doctors who uses and recommends the Harmony Technology Products to his patients discovered for us all. The Harmony Evolutions are not suitable for use in the shoes as, due to their larger size, the constant pressure and rubbing which the sole of your foot does would gredually tear them apart. Sticking a Harmony Evolution into the sole of your shoe would invalidate the guarantee. Only the Harmony Minis are guaranteed for this application.
Should, however, you get a damaged ankle or similar, then the Harmony Evolution in your sock at the SIDE of your foot is highly approriate - sprains have been known to completely heal overnight!

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