Harmonised Telephony

What can one say after all the bad things you've heard about mobile 'phones and cordless 'phones, other than:

It's all true!

Not only this, there are a few things that you've probably not even heard of - those things which have "escaped public notice".

You can stop worrying right now!

Well, almost. We've solved the problem about what to do with your mobile and cordless phones. We've also solved the problem of the transmitter masts. All that now has to happen is to get about 3 million transmitter masts and 200 million mobile 'phones and 100 million cordless phones "chipped".

One point which does need to be made abundantly clear here is that mobile and cordless phones are not intrinsically dangerous. The technology was brought onto the mass market long before it was really ready. This has resulted in a chronic construction fault which causes mobile and cordless 'phones and transmitter masts to radiate energy in a lethal form. The danger lies not in the microwave element of the radiations: It is the wild scalar waves which cause the real problem.

You see, all organic life uses scalar waves to communicate within itself. Anything else would be too slow and complex creatures such as human beings would be impossible. Additionally, the information which your organs need to grow properly and to repair and regenerate themselves is contained in the universal scalar information surrounding you. (see: Main Index - Technology - Quantum Physics).

If the scalar information flow, either internally or externally, is disrupted or perturbed then there occurs blurring in your body's internal communication and distortion in the growth and repair information.

Now, as you probably already know, wearing a Harmony evolution will neutralise most of the effects of electro smog for you personally. Where, however, electro smog is very intense, e.g. with a telephone in direct contact with your body (using a blue tooth ear set just moves the problem from your brain to whichever part of your body your mobile 'phone is located) or where overlapping mobile 'phone transmission fields node, etc. then additional measures are appropriate.

For your mobile 'phone you will need one Harmony Phone Chip upon the battery, close to the + pole (usually, the top right corner) on the inside of the 'phone. In use, the Harmony Phone Chip is not visible and cannot be either worn away or lost.

What the Harmony Phone Chip does for your mobile is to stop completely the production of chaotic scalar waves. In use, you will probably notice that your ear no longer gets hot as the "cooking" effect disappears.

Cordless 'phones may well need two Harmony Phone Chips, one on the handset and one on the base, as each unit generates its own scalar disruption. Common effects such as heart flutter and shortness of breath near your cordless 'phone just disappear.


If you, dear reader, just happen to be the owner of a couple of million mobile 'phone transmitter masts then I've got lots of good news for you!

Applying a standard Harmony evolution to each antenna will not only stop all production of chaotic scalar waves and, hence, electro smog it will also show very rapidly two direct cost benefits:

Chaotic scalar waves cause not only health problems but also impair the efficiency of the entire mobile 'phone system. "Chipping" the system will let you:

1)     Space the masts further apart and

2)     Reduce the electrical power consumption.

It is, of course, perfectly clear that whoever first applies the Harmony Phone technology; not only "chipping" all masts but also providing Harmony Phone Chips at an advantageous price to their customers is going to have an enormous marketing advantage, especially in the youth market where concerned parents are going to insist upon the safer technology.

We are ready. The World is waiting for you.

Here is an extra which almost nobody takes into account:

Scalar waves are not intrinsically bad! What they do to or for you depends absolutely upon their quality. Chaotic scalar waves, as everyone knows can (and do) easily kill.

What happens, however, when the scalar waves are properly ordered as the Harmony evolution technology does?

Did you know that ordered scalar waves are absolutely essential for your health and wellbeing? This is not only apparently implicit in what you have read earlier upon this page, it is also a true statement of fact.

A strong chaotic scalar transmitter can make you ill.

A powerful ordered scalar transmitter can directly improve your health and wellbeing!

Chipping mobile 'phone masts is a service bringing direct benefits to the whole of mankind.

We are ready. When do you want to start?

You can order both Harmony 'Phone Chips and all other Harmony United products here:


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