Personal development

Personal development

Although, as you will have seen, the Harmony evolution is extremely effective in attaining and preserving health, this is not it's actual purpose! This is "clearing the rubbish out of the way" so that the real gifts of the Harmony evolution can be enjoyed.
You may well have surmised that the Harmony evolution functions by detoxifying the body and removing disturbing influences, thereby allowing the body itself to express optimal function and health. This surmise is correct; that is exactly what happens – the body will always heal itself when allowed to do so.

This is, however, just a side effect!

Consider now please what would happen if your basic assumptions about yourself, your life and the world were also detoxified and disturbing influences removed.

You will become much more intelligent, perceptive, peaceful and happy. Instead of simply surviving, you will begin to live! This is what the Harmony evolution is really for. It has been given to us to spread peace and happiness throughout the world by bringing peace and happiness to people just like you. 

That's what the Harmony evolution is about!

This is how to do it:

Just as your body will automatically heal itself when allowed to do so, i.e. when the Harmony evolution deletes that which is preventing health, so will your thoughts and feelings naturally heal themselves when the Harmony evolution dissolves the accumulated disturbances which prevent them doing so. The effects of this cleaning are those listed above.

Place the Harmony evolution for at least one hour each day upon your fontanel  women  men . This doesn't need to be a special exercise but can be part of your morning meditation or whilst driving or fix it in your hair with two hair grips or fold it into a head scarf. Whatever works for you. Two or three or four hours is, of course, more effective then one. It is, however, the daily repetition which really brings the long-term benefits. For the rest of the time, day and night, tape the Harmony evolution to your

thymus glandwomen  men


Ming Meng point women  men  


small of the back.  women  men

The use of two Harmony evolutions will, of course, speed up and enhance the process.


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