Health: An Introduction

As you may well have read in the technology pages, the Harmony technology doesn't seek to DO anything in the sense of imposing a particular pre-programmed condition upon the body or mind. Instead, the natural ability to heal and to improve oneself is set free by removing that which hinders it.

Any system, be this your organs, your blood, your nerves, your muscles, your joints, in fact everything knows, within its own basic structure, just exactly how to function perfectly. You don't have to tell them how, they already know absolutely.  Where problems occur, this is seldom because something is missing but rather because something has got into the control structure of your organ etc. which does NOT belong there. It is these "intruders" which cause the malfunctions. Logically, therefore, the solution is seldom to add yet another foreign substance (medicine, for example) but to remove that which is causing the problem.

Professor Bruce Lipton PhD. has made a DVD explaining this in great detail. You may obtain the DVD from the Harmony shop.

The beauty of the human being is that each and every system is perfectly capable of removing any perturbing influence itself. UNLESS something is so seriously distorted in the informational energy surrounding and permeating you that your systems are forced to take up disruptive energies simply to get those which they need to survive!

This is where the Harmony Evolution comes in:

All that this little wonder does is to bring order to chaotic energies and to separate the elements of the informational "spaghetti" into their separate frequencies. This, then ALLOWS all your systems to take up simply the energies which they need and to ignore anything not relevant to their needs. The result, as you have doubtless logically seen is optimal function.

Where there are no perturbing influences within your systems, the only possible state is optimal function.  

Where the control structure (the operating programme) is clean, there is nothing present which can cause a malfunction.

For example, high blood pressure is caused by waste products from normal metabolic activity being deposited in the arteries because the water out of which your blood is 93% formed is not in a state whereby it can carry out its function of transporting nutrients properly to your cells nor yet metabolic wastes from your cells to your discharge organs (kidneys, large intestine etc.) necessitating that the heart pump much more strongly in order to get the blood through.

Medicine would seek to reduce high blood pressure by chemically imposing a thinning of the blood (with many unpleasant side-effects).

The Harmony evolution removes that which has so weakened the blood that wastes are deposited. The strengthened blood takes up the deposits which are then discharged via the kidneys etc. and the blood pressure is permanently normalised over a few weeks.


Here are two photographs of the blood of the same man. On the left, his blood in the start condition whereby he suffered not only from poor circulation but also from collapse of his immune system. One can see clearly that the blood cells are "stuck" together and, thereby, almost unable to transport nutrients, oxygen and wastes.
On the right is his blood after just 8 weeks with the Harmony Evolution. Not only his blood but also the man himself became once again alive and vital.

One can, of course, easily see the improvement in your blood under a microscope. This is, however, just one of the many benefits.

Did you know that the cells in your abdomen will store traumas until they have the strength to process and release them? This is why many people's lives go around and around in circles and some fall into chronic depression.

Allowing your cells to have the pure unadulterated energy that they need will trigger this processing. Your thoughts will then become much faster and clearer and you will feel much lighter thus allowing much more joy and happiness into your life. Literally, a great load will fall away from you.

This is just the start, this happens within the first few months.

A Harmony Evolution is guaranteed to function for a minimum of TEN YEARS!

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