Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, ME

(This article is an extract from the 24 page hand book which can be obtained here)

It was just over eight years ago now that we got our first major breakthrough in resolving these problems.

Then strange things started happening!

Some people (about 70% plus) would experience extremely dramatic improvements quite literally overnight. Others, however, showed absolutely no change at all even after weeks.

It was quite some time before we realised that we were dealing with not one problem but three totally different ones which had all been given the same name merely because of superficial similarities in the symptoms.

Having discovered what the problems actually are, we then went on to develop methodologies to resolve them. Our current success rate is now in the high nineties, percentage wise.

The first "illness" that we can get rid of is Myalgic Encephalomyelitis or ME for short. If you take your medical dictionary or Wikipedia etc., you will see that it is just the “even cleverer” name for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome is a condition well known for several hundreds of years under a variety of names. The causes vary somewhat but it is always a chronic low-level poisoning in one form or another. There was an “epidemic” of this when sugar was released from the list of prescription drugs in the 18th century in exchange for the sugar barons financing a war or two. Heroin, a very similar substance, will do exactly the same thing to you.

Fibromyalgia is a sort of variation upon the same theme. The major difference is that the specific poisons causing the “Chronic Fatigue Syndrome” also cause the deposit of urea crystals in the nerve and/or tendon sheaths resulting in pain with every movement. Another variation on this is where water which your body cannot use (your blood is 93% water) is unable to properly reach your body’s cells causing them not only to starve but to also respire anaerobically thus accumulating extremely damaging acids within the cells. See the earlier newsletter in this series “Harmony and Water”.

Although there are a number of possible causes and specialised training (which not even a doctor of medicine has received) is needed to determine the cause(s) of your particular malady, if you work on the assumption that all are present in your life and take action to remove them then you will attain enormous benefits in many areas of your life.

The first, and most common, cause is, as we have seen, water not adequate for human needs.

The second cause is residing or working in an environment where the energy structures are inimical to human life. This can be radiation, electro smog, underground streams, badly proportioned buildings and many similar things.

The third cause and the one which most often leads to sufferers refusing to accept and apply effective methods to release their suffering is the self-perception as a victim. This inner compulsion will block the gall bladder function leading to toxins which your body naturally produces not being processed properly and removed via the intestines. Frequently, the gall bladder will become so inflamed that the medicos will surgically remove it thus making the problem even worse by spreading the toxins throughout the body instead of concentrating them in the gall bladder. Even this problem can be overcome.

Although the majority of sufferers are affected by all these to varying degrees, some can experience almost “instant” relief simply by correcting their body water. Others, however, may require several weeks to begin seeing improvements. It all depends upon the specific nature and structure of the poisoning. I cannot, regrettably, give any general guidance upon how to determine the precise structure of the problem in a specific individual.

There are several sources of these toxins, not only those added by your diet (additives, pesticides and “foodstuffs” inappropriate for the human body) but also your drinking and cooking water and even your cooking pots! The fluorides and chlorines etc. in your water and the aluminium oxide formed by cooking in aluminium pots can all cause these problems. The mercury and copper in amalgam tooth fillings can play a very significant role.

In addition to all these, chronic malnutrition will often cause your body’s natural detoxification systems to be so under-nourished that they cannot function properly and normal metabolic wastes then get stored somewhere. With fibromyalgia, this “somewhere” is the nerve and/or tendon sheaths.

If you click on this link you can download a free, short introduction to human appropriate nutrition:

To locate a dietary consultant in your area who can design a detox diet specifically suited to your needs ask for local contacts via:

in the UK

for N.America and the rest of the world

As you will see, your present diet and that which the human body needs have very little similarity. Small wonder, then, that your body isn’t working properly.

It is, further, essential is to remove all traces of sugar from your diet; this is not a foodstuff but a naturally occurring pesticide designed to kill. Large quantities of sugar, especially when combined with carbonated drinks, will produce the Chronic Fatigue Symptoms all by itself. For some, coffee can do the same as well.

High quality drinking water will also help you enormously. Avoid water (or any other drink for that matter) from a plastic container of any type. This liquid is not water but dilute synthetic oestrogen and, possibly, also the weed killer dioxin from the water soluble plastics). To make very good water from tap water (Am: city water) you will need both a water ioniser and a Harmony Evolution to return the natural organisational order to the water so that your body can use it.

There are many ionisers on the market. In most cases you get what you pay for and the cheap ones are, mostly, to be avoided.

A Harmony Evolution can be obtained here.

Solutions II
- Energy Toxins

This is something which has been known about for many thousands of years. The only really recent addition is electro smog. This said, this is frequently sufficient on its own to make you quite ill and even to kill. Typical symptoms of electro smog can be read here:

Now, certain types of radiation from nuclear power stations, nuclear weapons and wastes will also cause the fatigue symptoms by interfering very strongly with your body’s own internal control systems as well as changing the structure of your body water so that its ability to transport nutrients and wastes is almost eliminated.

Just so that you can get some idea of what this looks like, here are two water samples photographed by the Emoto process which show very clearly what informational degradation can look like.


Fortunately, we have learned how to reverse this! This is one of the things which the Harmony Technology does.

Additionally, less well known (and, in many cases, much less well understood) causes are disharmonic building shape, construction and positioning and the effects of underground streams, sewage pipes and electrical cables passing underneath your home.

All of these can cause severe disruption to your body’s internal information flows, severely damage your blood and disrupt your metabolic processes.

So, what to do?

You will need a Harmony Evolution or Harmony Pendant which you will wear 24/7 either upon your thymus gland or your lower abdomen (comes complete with instructions on how to find these points). This will effectively neutralise the damaging radiation, revitalise your body water and blood and delete the distorted informational flows within your body which may be causing metabolic problems and difficulties in your body’s natural detoxification systems.

If there is a major problem where you live, you will certainly find the investment in a Home and Office Harmonizer very worth while. The return on the investment is, even in cash terms, usually very quick and, with a ten year function guarantee, this is, in any case, a highly profitable investment.

It is with the Harmony Technology that it has often proved possible to achieve very significant improvements literally within hours. We have also experienced that other health issues which frequently affect Fibromyalgia sufferers (diabetes, insipient cancer, etc.) will also gradually diminish over the ensuing months.

So, to calculate just one small part of your ROI, how much are you spending on medication each month? What is your monthly cash benefit when this is no longer needed? When you no longer have special transport needs, how much does this save you?

And then the positive side of the balance; when you are again able to work productively, what then? This also often comes within quite a short time.

So, don’t let the initial investment frighten you. There is, in any event, a six month money-back satisfaction guarantee but you will notice the benefits very quickly if the technology is applied correctly.

Personal Consultations

With a lot of personal detail I would be able to tell with at least 95% accuracy which form of this problem is your malady and the best way of removing it.

Complete the form on this link to start the process.

Blessed be.

Karma Singh
11th Jan 2015


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