Harmony Super Charger - installation and usage.

The exact position to apply a Harmony Super Charger is dependant upon how your vehicle is constructed.

The ideal position is in the middle of the steering wheel as in this photograph of the first prototype in my car.


When, however, your car has an airbag (mine doesn't) this position may be inappropriate as, in order for the driver's airbag to open, the cap in the middle of the steering wheel splits open. If you glue something over this point then the proper function of the airbag in an emergency may be impaired.

There are alternate positions which are just as effective:

Upon the housing of the steering column:


We have even found a use, at last, for that small dust gathering shelf in front of your speedometer. You can fix a Harmony Super Charger there!


If all else fails, you can try sticking your Harmony Super Charger to the side or underneath of your steering column. It is better, however, to have it in a position where it is within your field of vision.

In order to avoid unnecessary light reflection in normal use, the production Harmony Super Chargers are a matt dark blue, i.e. the Harmony Super Charger be almost invisible.

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