Harmony Auric

The Harmony Auric as Stand-Alone Product

There are two applications in which the Auric has shown itself very effective on its own.

The first is the smart ‘phones which produce very high levels of electro-smog. The iPhone and the Blackberry are the best known of these ‘phones which produce very much more radiation than, for example, a Samsung. The Harmony Mini which will neutralize the damaging radiation from most ‘phones cannot handle the volume from an iPhone. It is here that the Harmony Auric, due to its multi-dimensional capability has proven itself to be highly effective.


As one can no longer access the battery on a modern smart 'phone directly (and on an iPhone never could) applying the Auric directly onto the battery is not possible. If, however, you slowly move your hand over the back of your 'phone, you will feel a spot which is either hot or makes your hand itch or similar. This is the point of highest chaos and the Harmony Auric is to be attached to this point - they are self-adhesive.


The second is the 5G technology which causes problems with the human heart frequency and also makes it more difficult to think creatively. The Harmony Auric will disconnect you from the 5G field and protect your heart. It is best used in conjunction with a Harmony Pendant but can be applied to a normal piece of jewelry which should be hung so that it lies upon the vertical middle of your breast bone (Sternum).

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Harmony Pendant with Harmony Auric attached

Human Chest

Correct Position for the Pendant / Auric combination


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