Reduced fuel consumption

The very best result that we've ever had was with a 9 litre Bugatti racing engine on a test bed. The Harmony evolution achieved a 24% reduction in fuel consumption.

The best result which I have ever had was with this Opel Kadett:


On three test runs on the same roads at, as near as I could achieve it, the same weather conditions and the same speed, The average was a 17.86% reduction in fuel consumption.

My average over four vehicles in 5 years is 11.90%.

The savings with my Rover are:


Just under 5%!


Like many more expensive cars, this has a computer controlled fuel injector system. The on-board computer determines from the gear selected and the road speed how much fuel the engine will get. The "chipped" motor, obviously, needs less fuel but the Harmony evolution can do nothing to re-programme the on-board computer.

For those seeking massive reductions in fuel costs, this is going to be the limiting factor not just with the Harmony Super Charger but also with all and any other products offering reductions in fuel consumption: There's no way to tell the on-board computer to inject less fuel!

If you have a carburettor, then you've no problem - give the Harmony Super Charger a little time to work its way into all the systems and you will find that you can take your screwdriver and, little by little, reduce the amount of fuel being burnt with no loss in performance. The more complete burning process not only gives cleaner exhaust gasses but also delivers more horse power and so you press the accelerator pedal less deeply for the same performance. This alone can give you a significant reduction in fuel consumption.


With commercial vehicles, the situation is very different.    
Not only is the motor running for much longer periods each day than with a private car (other than a taxi) the motor is also very much larger and, intrinsically, consumes much more fuel. A five percent reduction in fuel consumption in a bus or heavy truck represents a very considerable cost saving each year.

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