Exhaust gasses

As you will have seen in the article link from "Better road holding", I possess a Rover 827 which has a 2.7 litre motor. This car is something of a "museum piece" which has not been manufactured for some years and is becoming something of a "rare breed".

I had wanted one of these for some years and, two years ago, had the great good fortune to find one abandoned in an underground garage. I was able to purchase it and, with considerably more investment, to get it ready for the road.

Last Summer, the car had to undergo a government road safety test including exhaust emissions test.

I took it to a workshop to have a few small repairs carried out and directed them to take the vehicle through the roadworthiness tests for me.

They implored me not to do so!

This model (they told me) is notorious for failing the emission control tests. "It will fail," they said "and then you must immediately take the vehicle off the road and it will be just scrap metal!"

"Do not worry," I assured them. "This car will pass the test."

After much to-ing and fro-ing, they finally acceded to my wishes provided that I pay in advance.

On the following day, I went to collect my car from the workshop.
Without saying a word, they passed me the road test certificates. To this day they still have not said a word about this to me.

The official government certificate shows that the exhaust emissions of my car are less then one sixth of the allowed maximum and this on a model which is notorious for having great difficulty in getting as low as 100% of the allowed emissions.

That's Harmony evolutionping!

You can see the actual certificate by clicking this link.


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