Agricultural Applications

There are two possible areas of application of the technology here:

To increase yields and to reduce costs.

The obvious area in which yields can be improved is with the water used.

If you've got your own natural spring then you probably haven't got a problem. Only they few are so blessed, however. If your water comes from elsewhere, even if it is pumped up from underground sources, there will be problems with its maturity and/or informational purity. Crops and animals watered with this will have lower resistance to disease. Plants will take up less nutrients from the soil and, consequently, be smaller.

Applying Harmony evolutions to the pipe work will revitalise the water so that it becomes almost as effective as natural spring water. Harmony evolutions on water storage tanks will cause the water to remain fresh.

As any farmer knows, a major cost is in "pest control". The Harmony evolution helps here in an unusual way: By cleaning the energy either of the animal itself and/or the housing, and the water which both the animals and plants receive, the natural resistance to infection and other parasites is increased, thereby reducing the costs of pesticides and medications.


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