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The "Emoto" Effect

Water on our world Looks like this:

And sometimes like this

Which water would you choose to drink?

Your choice here seems quite obvious, doesn't it.

I would definitely make the same choice without thinking about it at all.

You can tell straight away just by looking at it that the water in the top photo is extremely dirty, possibly even poisonous and would probably make you quite ill.

The lower photo is water direct from a natural spring - good stuff.

There's no problem deciding which is better for you.

But, have you ever wondered why spring water (unless it's chemically polluted) is always both good and safe to drink? Why are there never any "bad bugs" in it?

You see, spring water resonates with a natural frequency which it gets by being purified over and over again as it passes through the Earth. Scientists have shown that natural spring water as it leaves the ground radiates ultra violet light. Now, ultra violet light is well known as an anti-septic because it prevents single-celled organisms from reproducing; it destroys their ability to do so. It is widely used in hospitals, food shops etc., precisely for this purpose. So even if there were a handful of typhoid or cholera germs in the water, they could never do you any harm because they could not reproduce to make the millions of them which would make you ill.

Isn't nature wonderful?

Look now, however, at what happens to water as it makes its' way to the sea. It becomes more and more involved in our planet's natural recycling of organic matter, i.e. water supports putrefaction processes. This means that, instead of sterilising with ultra violet radiation, water actively supports the growth of the germs which would naturally recycle your body after you leave it.

The water hasn't chemically changed at all. It's still H2O but something has happened to it.
It is physically different!

You see, water doesn't just carry other chemicals, germs, rotting wood, etc., etc. Water will also carry information, i.e. the information about putrefaction, the information about electro smog, the information about pressure and turbulence in the pipe work, the information about all and everything with which it comes into contact.

As water evaporates from the seas and lakes to form clouds, it takes none of the other chemicals with it but a lot of the information. Water then falls as rain onto the Earth, soaks into the ground and begins its process of purification. All the extraneous information is removed from it and it, once again, as it comes out of the ground, radiates ultra violet light and is completely safe and life sustaining to drink.

This is why you know that, even were you to filter all the chemicals and sewage out of the water in the top photograph, you still wouldn't want to drink it because sewage, and not life, is the information which that water would be carrying.

So what about the water which arrives in your home through the pipe work? Is this drinking water? Mostly, no it isn't! It may be chemically better than sewage but often has poisonous chemicals added to it which render it almost useless. Much worse, however, is that the information which it is carrying is, virtually without exception, extremely "dirty" rendering it completely unfit for human consumption.

Professor Masaru Emoto has pioneered a way to tell what sort of informational quality samples of water are carrying. For more details go to www.masaru-emoto.net 

In March 2006 we went along to Professor Emoto's european laboratory in Liechtenstein. We had requested that the Harmony evolution be tested and the changes which the Harmony evolution made to the structure of water be photographed. These are the results: The first photo' is of tap water after being chemically cleaned with a reverse osmosis filter. A crystal made from the water at the top of this page would look very similar - there is virtually no vital energy.

Unfortunately, "Prof." Emoto was so amazed and "thrilled" with the staggering improvement in the water Quality that he demanded we pay him many thousands of Pounds each year just to Show the photos (for which we had paid) on our Website.
We, therefore, set about trying to find an alternative source of such photos and did find an engineer in Switzerland who had learned the technique in the Emoto laboratory but found Emoto as a man unacceptable.


The top row is the photos of the water samples before their exposure to the Harmony Technology.
The lower row is the same water after 5 seconds on a Harmony Evolution.

Just click on the photos to see then in large format

This is what good, pure, living water looks like.

But, just look at these two glasses of tap water. Which one is barely drinkable and which one is vital water? One has been Harmony evolutioned and the other not. Can you tell by looking? You will taste the difference because your body knows the difference between real and piped water which is why it reacts quite differently to the two types.

How long does it take to remove "sewage" information from water? It depends upon the quantity. A glass will take 4 - 5 seconds. A quart jug, about 25 seconds. A home swimming pool, about 3 ½ days.

You just stand the glass or jug upon the Harmony evolution or float it in your swimming pool and all the useless and poisonous information gets deleted, just the way nature gives you pure, living water by removing that which does not belong there.


But the Harmony evolution doesn't just do this to water in a jug. It will revitalise the water in your body as well! Which sort of water do you want in your body? What sort of water forms 93% of your blood? Junk water makes junk blood which is why so many people are so very ill and depressed and sad. The Harmony evolution will revitalise your blood so that it can remove these maladies from you in the way that nature intended.

Wearing a Harmony evolution 24/7 will constantly revitalise you and help you to live a fuller, happier, healthier and more fulfilled life.


         Blood made from "sewage" water            Blood made from vital water

When you look at the photos from "normal" and "Harmony evolutioned" water, is this any wonder?

Clicking this link will bring your Harmony evolution flying to you.


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